How do you become a massage therapist?

how do you become a massage therapistGetting the right training is a good place to start

As more people are discovering the benefits of massage therapy, and as spas are becoming more prevalent, some people are wondering if this is a good career field for them. How do you become a massage therapist? One way to start is to pursue career-focused training. Career-focused training allows students to focus heavily on the career skills themselves, without the added time and cost of taking other academic courses which may not pertain to the job field.

At the Harris School of Business, we offer a massage therapy program that prepares students with the background knowledge and practical skills they need to start a career in the field of massage therapy. Here are some of the highlights of the program:

Massage therapy training can be completed in less than one year

For some people, the time and resources necessary for a 2-year or 4-year college are simply too much. With career-focused training at a school like Harris, students can complete their training in less than one year. Unlike at many colleges, the training at Harris does not require students to take a long list of academic prerequisites. The courses at Harris are directly related to job-readiness and the field of massage therapy. Most students finish the massage therapy program at Harris in less than one year.

Learning the art and science behind massage therapy can be rewarding

The courses at Harris aim to provide students with a background in human anatomy and physiology, so that students understand why massage therapy is effective as well as how to deliver a massage safely. Students learn about the history of massage, and how massage techniques have been developed over the centuries. They learn current massage techniques, such as Swedish massage and hot stone massage, as well as how to protect both the therapist and the client from injury.

The business side of a massage practice:  developing skills

Many people in the field of massage decide to start their own businesses. Or they might work in a setting where they need to develop a strong client base. At Harris, our courses help students learn how to network, how to build and maintain a client base, and how to run the business side of their massage practice. Whether you envision running a massage business on your own or working at a spa location, it’s important to know how to communicate well with others and to develop a base of clients who will come to you for their massage needs.

Internship gives students hands-on practice

During the training at Harris, students learn massage techniques by practicing on one another. Once the coursework is complete, students move on to the massage therapy internship, where they perform massages on members of the public who come to the in-house spa. There is a small charge for the massages, and the internship is run like a business. This experience gives students the chance to see what it is like to work in a spa with paying customers.

Career Services department helps students with their career development

As students get close to graduation, the career services department at Harris helps them get ready for their job search. From helping with resumes and interview tips to assisting students in finding job leads, the career services department wants students to succeed in starting their new careers. Having this kind of support helps you put the right foot forward as you begin looking for your first job in your new career.

How do you become a massage therapist? Getting Started…

If these highlights sound good to you, you might want to learn more about our program by contacting the Harris School of Business. Getting started at Harris is easy. Simply call our toll-free number at 1.800.510.7920, and a representative will be happy to help you. The admissions department will walk you though each step that is necessary to become enrolled in our program. We also have a financial aid office, which helps students navigate the various requirements for applying for financial aid.

Are you interested in other career-focused programs? Harris offers a range of programs, from medical billing and coding training to dental assistant training to medical assistant training. Visit our programs page, and find out if Harris is the school for you!