HITECH Act Promotes Electronic Health Records Training

electronic health records, medical billing trainingEHR and health information technology are important for developing a modernized interconnected system of healthcare

Across the country, health care providers are beginning to adopt Electronic Health Records (EHR) in response to the Health Information Technology (HITECH) Act. The HITECH Act seeks to make the nation’s healthcare system more efficient—and ultimately to improve healthcare outcomes—by having patients’ records stored electronically. With accurate electronic records, patient information can easily be shared by all healthcare providers involved in a patient’s care.

One of the important steps to implementing the act is to help develop a workforce that has Electronic Health Records training. The healthcare industry needs trained workers who are knowledgeable in areas such as electronic charting practices, searchable databases of patient records, and how to communicate important patient information to other healthcare providers in real time, especially when medical situations are critical.

The need for electronic health records training affects a number of job fields. For example, a health claims specialist (medical biller and coder) may need training in order to enter a patient’s demographic and insurance information into the EHR system. Or a medical assistant may be responsible for reviewing patients’ electronic records to be sure they are complete. The need for EHR skills is increasingly important in the field of healthcare.

Electronic Health Records Training at Harris

One of the things that the Harris School of Business is doing to help with EHR training is to work with students on a sample software program that contains elements of a number of different EHR programs. Since there are so many different EHR software programs being used across the country, it is important to have flexible skills when it comes to EHR. The Harris curriculum is not designed to train students on one particular software, but rather to prepare them to apply their EHR training with whatever program they may need to use on the job.

At Harris, we aim to provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to be competitive in the workforce. Having strong EHR skills is just one of the many areas that the programs at Harris emphasize. If you are interested in getting EHR training, consider one of the healthcare-based career-focused programs at Harris School of Business, such as professional medical assistant or health claims specialist. A quick phone call to 1.800.510.7920 will get you started!