Healthcare Provider Visits Upper Darby Campus Medical Assistant and Dental Assistant Students

Medical assistant and dental assistant students were offered free healthcare signups and other services.

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Upper Darby, PA. The students at the Harris School of Business in Upper Darby are studying for careers in the field of healthcare, but sometimes as a busy student, it’s hard to remember to care for your own health too. This is why Julia Bruton, who coordinates Student Life activities at the Harris School, arranged for a presentation by an area healthcare provider.

Students enrolled in the Medical Assistant and Dental Assistant programs in Upper Darby were invited to attend a free healthcare workshop this past January. The presenters spoke about the importance of maintaining your own health, offered free healthcare signups, promoted free STD testing, brought along some fun giveaways, and even led the group in playing some informative health-related games.

“Students came away with a better understanding of making healthy choices for themselves,” said Ms. Bruton. “In our classes, we learn how to care for others in the field of medical assisting and dental assisting, but sometimes we forget that we need to take care of ourselves too,” Ms. Bruton continued. “The workshop helped to remind us of this, and we hope to be able to continue offering workshops like this for future groups of students.”

Some of the key lifestyle decisions that healthcare providers recommend to help to keep yourself healthy include:

  • Don’t smoke or quit smoking if you already smoke
  • Limit your consumption of alcohol
  • Avoid all illegal substances and misuse of prescription substances
  • Don’t ever drive while under the influence
  • Have yourself tested for STDs
  • Manage your stress
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Exercise regularly
  • Eat a balanced, healthy diet
  • Get adequate sleep

As a career-focused training school that specializes in healthcare careers, the Harris School of Business wants to promote healthy lifestyle decisions among its students and staff. If you live in the Philadelphia region and are considering career training, you may want to visit the Upper Darby campus to find out more about our school. In addition to this campus, the Harris School has seven other campuses located in Delaware, New Jersey, and Connecticut. You can schedule a tour of any of our campuses by completing our Schedule a Tour form.