Healthcare Claims Specialist Jobs, Salary and Requirements

healthcare claims specialist jobs

Unlike many medical career paths, healthcare claims specialists jobs are in high demand, pay a good salary and have a low prerequisite requirement. Health claims specialist jobs are available in a variety of medical settings, from hospitals to independent doctor’s offices to institutions. If you enjoy the medical field, yet don’t want to provide hands-on care to patients, consider the opportunity offered by health claims specialist jobs.

High Demand

  • Medical claims specialists jobs are growing. The Department of Labor’s outlook for job growth indicates that Healthcare claims specialists jobs will increase by 13 percent in the next few years. That’s above-average growth.
  • Health claims specialist jobs are still required. The advent of electronic medical records (EMRs) has not diminished the need for Healthcare claims specialists since these experts must take what doctors enter on EMRs and ensure it’s coded correctly to bill insurance companies. This is not an automatic process. Healthcare claims specialists jobs also include resolving issues among providers, insurance companies and patients.
  • Need for care is rising. More of these jobs are left vacant by retiring Baby Boomers. Older Boomers’ medical needs increase as years go by. These factors combine to create a pressing need for more people to work in healthcare claims specialist jobs. As long as patients receive care, the industry will need healthcare claims specialist jobs filled by competent, caring professionals.

Low Prerequisites

  • No degree required for working healthcare claims specialist jobs. Though it’s not required by law, passing the Insurance and Coding exam offered by the National Center for Competency Testing is the industry’s “stamp of approval” for healthcare claims specialists. Most employers require it and those working in healthcare claims specialists jobs usually make more money if they have passed the exam. Taking several months’ classes at a vocational school such as Harris School of Business can prepare students to pass the exam and more readily seek healthcare claims specialist jobs.
  • No experience required for healthcare claims specialists. Of course, experience in an accounting clerking position or anything in the medical world would only help people obtain healthcare claims specialist jobs; however, experience isn’t required. At Harris School of Business, our job shadowing and interning or externing opportunities give them the chance to put their skills to work. We ensure our students graduate with the utmost confidence in their ability to work at healthcare claims specialist jobs.