Health Claims Specialist Program Focuses on Medical Billing and Coding

Medical Billing courses, Medical billing training, medical billing and codingConsidering a career in medical billing and coding? The Harris School of Business offers a Health Claims Specialist program to prepare students for this career path

Are you looking for a career in the field of healthcare? Can you picture yourself working in a medical office? If so, one career path that you might want to consider is medical billing and coding. At the Harris School of Business, the Health Claims Specialist program trains students to work as medical billers and coders.

What do medical billers and coders do? In short, they are responsible for preparing, submitting, and processing medical insurance claims. Working with medical insurance claims involves attention to detail.  As a medical biller and coder, you may be expected to take on some of the following tasks:

  • Transcribing notes from a nurse or doctor into patient files
  • Organizing information in patient files
  • Assigning special codes to indicate what type of treatment a patient is receiving
  • Working with computer software to maintain Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  • Submitting health insurance claims

If you choose medical billing and coding as a career path, most of your work will be done on the computer, and you will not have a great deal of direct contact with patients. If office work suits you, this career path could be a good choice for you.

At the Harris School of Business, the Health Claims Specialist program prepares students to work as medical billers and coders. This program is offered at the following locations:

Cherry Hill, NJ
Dover, DE
Hamilton, NJ
Linwood, NJ
Voorhees, NJ

The Harris School of Business is an accredited school offering seven locations across the Delaware Valley. With over ten career-focused program, such as Medical Assistant, Dental Assistant, Massage Therapist, and Health Claims Specialist, there are many options for students who wish to pursue a new career path.

To learn more about the medical billing and coding program, visit the Health Claims Specialist program page. Getting started is just a phone call away. You can call Harris at 1.800.510.7920, or fill out the simple online form. Within weeks, you could be starting classes!