Have Fun and Stay Safe This Halloween

Keep the surprises to a minimum by following these safety tips

It’s that spooky time of year again when you get to dress in costume and snack on candy corn! But with Halloween parties to go to and children out trick-or-treating, following some simple safety tips can keep your night of fun from turning into a horror.


Dressing up isn’t just for children. When you’re looking for your perfect costume, keep the following in mind:

  • Check the length of all costumes to avoid tripping.
  • Make sure you can see through a mask if you are wearing one.
  • Do not carry any realistic-looking weapons.
  • Always keep an ID and money or a credit card on hand in case of emergency. You can create a quick pocket for your costume out of duct tape or a small piece of fabric and double-sided tape. Check out this video to see how to add a pocket using fabric glue.
  • Make sure you clean off make up before going to bed to avoid skin rashes in the morning.

Look out for trick-or-treaters

Are you going out Halloween night? Remember that the streets may be filled with children that can be hard to see. Be careful backing out of your driveway and give yourself extra time so you can obey speed limits. Try to avoid driving through residential areas if you can.

Pumpkin/decoration safety

Do you like to carve pumpkins into the perfect Jack-o’-Lanterns? Using a pumpkin carving kit is the best way to avoid cutting fingers with a sharp knife. Also, it’s best to use battery-operated candles in Jack-o’-Lanterns and luminaries. If you do use candles, keep these decorations away from doorsteps, walkways, landings, and curtains. They can easily be knocked over and start fires.


If your plans include a Halloween party, do not drink and drive. Designate a driver ahead of time. If you are walking, make sure your costume is visible after dark by adding some reflective tape and stay in a group.

Look out for other hazards when you’re at the party. While dry ice in a punch bowl makes for a great Halloween effect, it can cause severe injury if someone drinks a chip of dry ice.

Haunted houses

Are you in the mood to be frightened? A trip to a haunted house can be great fun. Keep in mind haunted houses are intentionally dark and scary, so to avoid injuries make sure you never run and stay in areas where you are told are safe. Take any warning signs seriously. Many people have bad reactions to fog machines and strobe lights.


If you prefer to stay home and pass out treats at your house, make sure your walkways and sidewalks are clear of debris. Turn on your porch light to indicate that you have treats.

If you’re taking a child out, put reflective tape on children’s costumes, bring a flashlight so motorists see you. When you get home, inspect all candy before anyone eats it.

With these safety tips in mind, you can help keep the tricks to a minimum and enjoy all the treats of this fun holiday.