Harris Students Help Others in Need

Two students encountered emergency medical situations and were able to help

Nothing makes the Harris School of Business prouder than when its students contribute to the well-being of others. In two separate incidents, Harris students noticed a stranger having health problems, and stepped right in to help, using the training they had received in their classes at the Harris School.

One event occurred in Wilmington, Del., when Ariell Green, a Professional Medical Assistant student at the Wilmington campus, stopped in a convenience store to pre-pay for gas. When she began to pay, she noticed that the cashier was looking flushed, so she asked her if she was feeling okay. The cashier said she was not, and that she was having trouble breathing. Almost immediately, the cashier vomited and then passed out.

Ariell stepped in right away. She instructed the other cashier to call 911 while she assessed the fallen cashier’s condition by checking her pulse. Ariell believed that her blood pressure was dropping, and suspected that she would probably vomit again. So she moved the woman to the “recovery position,” where she did vomit again. The woman regained consciousness, and Ariell gave her small sips of water to help rehydrate her. Soon the paramedics arrived. They told Ariell that her conclusions were accurate and her actions saved this person’s life. It turned out that the cashier was having an allergic reaction to recently prescribed medication, and once off the medication, she would be fine.

Another emergency incident occurred when Jackie Emerson (pictured above), a student in the Multi-Skilled Health Technician at the Voorhees, NJ campus, was visiting the Philadelphia Zoo. While strolling around the zoo, she noticed a pregnant woman who slipped into a blank stare. Jackie walked over to her to see how she was doing, and the woman collapsed. Jackie knew she was having a petit mal seizure, so she called for help, rolled her over to her side, and found a fork to put between her teeth so that she couldn’t bite her tongue. When the woman came to consciousness, she quickly recovered. Jackie’s quick actions helped make sure the woman stayed safe during the seizure.

The Harris School of Business is proud of Ariell Green and Jackie Emerson for using their new skills and good judgment when handling unexpected medical emergency situations. We want to wish them all the best as they pursue their careers in the field of healthcare.