Harris School of Business Welcomes Fathers’ Care Network

Linwood branch of the regional business school wants students to achieve fulfilling work lives and family lives.

Linwood, NJ. Harris School of Business may appear to be all business all the time, but in addition to helping adult students prepare for a new career, the school is also concerned about the family lives of its students. On May 10, Harris School is presenting a guest speaker from the Fathers’ Care Network at its Linwood, NJ campus.

Fathers’ Care Network (FCN) is a program designed to assist fathers in strengthening their role in the lives of their children. As a collaboration among several social service agencies in Atlantic County, FCN strives to increase family self-sufficiency and enhance child and family well-being.

The program offers mentoring, parenting skills, conflict resolution, employment support, financial literacy, and visitation assistance, among other services. Harris School understands that its adult students are juggling many responsibilities, and wishes to support fathers and all parents as they strive to develop meaningful careers and satisfying family lives.

“Many of our students have enrolled at Harris because they want to turn their lives around. Typically you think that business schools or technical schools only serve to jump-start your career, but here at Harris, we offer more than that,” says Peter Karas, campus director at the Linwood campus. He continues, “We want students to have a well-rounded educational experience, and to take steps to improve both their work life and their home life.”

The FCN presentation is free, and will be held at the Linwood campus on Thursday, May 10 at 1 pm. It is open to all Harris students and staff.

Harris School of Business has a tradition of providing career-focused education to adults in the fields of allied health and business management. The Linwood campus offers a medical assistant program, medical billing training, a pharmacy technical program, and massage therapy courses.

As one of the region’s accredited business schools, Harris School of Business operates seven campuses in the Delaware Valley. Some of the program offerings at the other campuses include dental assistant training, legal and accounting technology programs, surgical technologist training, and a health technician program.

For a complete listing of programs at each campus, or for more information about the Harris School of Business, please call 1-800-510-7920 or visit www.harrisschool.edu.


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