Hamilton/Trenton Campus Holds Red Cross Blood Drive

medical assistant programThe Harris School of Business is proud of the students and staff who volunteered to donate blood this past Thursday at the Hamilton, New Jersey campus. Through a partnership with the American Red Cross, the blood drive was held directly on campus, making it convenient for donors to take a break from their classes, and make a contribution that can truly help save a life.

“Students here are so willing to help,” says Deborah Kenney, director of education at the Hamilton/Trenton campus. “They realize that every day, there are people in need of blood transfusions, whether because of accidents, emergencies, surgical operations, chemotherapy treatments, sickle cell disease treatments, or other medical conditions. Every single day there is a need,” Ms. Kenney continued.

At some blood drives, you may find donors who are nervous about the blood drawing procedure. But not at the Harris School. At Harris, the students enrolled in the Professional Medical Assistant Plus program are learning all about phlebotomy, which is the process of drawing blood. To start, they practice inserting needles in fruit or dummies. And when they are ready, they practice on each other! By the end of their phlebotomy training, students are very comfortable with needles, as well as all aspects of blood drawing.

For this reason, having the Red Cross blood drive take place right at the school was an excellent learning opportunity. Students were able to observe the Red Cross nurses follow all the standard protocols for safety as they drew donors’ blood. In addition, they got a chance to talk with the nurses and learn a little more about the field of healthcare.

The medical assisting students weren’t the only ones who participated. Students enrolled in the Health Claims Specialist Plus program for medical billing and coding training, as well as those in the Massage Therapy program were also encouraged to donate blood. Overall, the blood drive collected 44 pints of blood, which exceeded their original goal. Again, the Harris School wishes to thank everyone who participated.

The Harris School makes it a point to find ways to encourage students to give back to their communities. Whether it is a blood drive like the one held in Trenton, or donation drives during the holiday season, we think it’s an important part of career training and professional growth to participate in community activities.

If you are interested in learning more about donating blood, visit the American Red Cross website to find a blood drive near you.