Graduates from Cherry Hill Campus Celebrate New Beginnings

medical billing trainingMedical billing training, medical assisting training, and other career-focused training prepare students for today’s workplace

Cherry Hill, NJ. What happens when you graduate from Harris School of Business? With the help of Career Services, you will be on the path to a new chapter in your professional life. If you received medical billing training, you might be networking with health claims specialists about job opportunities in your new field. If you studied to be a professional medical assistant, you might be going on interviews at area doctor’s offices. If legal office technology was your program, you might be applying to area law firms or business offices. There is a range of opportunities that awaits you after graduation.

This September, the Cherry Hill campus of Harris School of Business celebrated the graduation of over 40 students. Congratulations are in order for our new graduates! The students were from the following career-focused training programs:

  • Health Claims Specialist: provides training to prepare students to become medical billers and coders.
  • Professional Medical Assistant program: prepares students to work in a range of medical settings as a medical assistant
  • Legal Office Technology: offers administrative training as well as training in the key office technologies used in today’s offices
  • Computerized Accounting Technology: teaches students accounting principles and the major accounting software programs that many corporations use

Other campuses at the Harris School of Business provide additional career-focused programs, such as massage therapy, pharmacy technician, dental assistant, and more.

Medical billing training and medical assistant training draw many students at the Cherry Hill Campus

While all of the programs at Harris can help to start you on your way to a new career path, the programs that prepare students for the healthcare industry seem to attract a great deal of student interest. Students who enroll in the Health Claims Specialist (medical billing and coding) program and the Professional Medical Assistant program leave their schooling with the skills and knowledge they need to begin careers in the healthcare industry.

If these programs—or any career-focused program—sound interesting to you, the Harris School of Business may be a good choice for you. Browse our website or give us a call at 1.800.510.7920. It just takes a few minutes to get started, and no prior experience is required. Are you ready for Harris? We are ready for you!