Get Your Career Started in Just One Year

career training in less than one year, career training programs, student in schoolThe Harris School of Business in Cherry Hill offers accelerated programs

Cherry Hill, NJ. With the rising cost of four-year colleges, some students are choosing career-focused education instead. Most career-focused programs can be completed in less than one year’s time. That’s just a fraction of the time you would spend in college!

How do they do it so fast? By focusing on just the career skills you need—and not requiring extra academic courses—career-focused programs can operate on an accelerated pace. If you want to get in the job market quickly, this might be the path for you.

The Harris School of Business, with locations in Cherry Hill, Voorhees, and Linwood, is an option that residents of South Jersey may want to consider. Our Cherry Hill campus offers four different programs that can prepare you for entry level work in less than one year:

Professional Medical Assistant Plus
Become part of the vibrant healthcare industry in South Jersey as a medical assistant. Medical assistants learn to measure vital signs, draw blood, administer injections, and assist with other clinical procedures. They also help with administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments, updating patient records, and preparing exam rooms.

Health Claims Specialist Plus
If you like the thought of working in healthcare, but are a little squeamish about medical procedures, then becoming a health claims specialist might be a good path for you. These professionals—also known as medical billing and coding specialists—handle the insurance claims and payments that are made to medical providers. This is an office-based position where you would not have any clinical interaction with patients.

Legal Office Technology
Another well-known industry in the South Jersey area is the legal industry. If you are curious about what it would be like to work at a law office, learn more about our program. Legal assistants are trained with the office skills they need to offer administrative assistance in a law office or business office.

Massage Therapy
Our massage therapy program is great for people who like to work with their hands. Massage therapists need to have good upper body strength, as well as a commitment to improving the health and wellness of others. If you appreciate the benefits of massage, you may want to consider this field.

Our campus in Cherry Hill is conveniently located along Route 38 within the Cherry Hill Mall. You can’t miss our building at One Cherry Hill with the two cherries on top! At the Harris School, all of your classes take place under one roof. Unlike community colleges with large classes held in auditoriums, our class sizes are small. Our programs also feature internships where you get to apply your new skills in a real world setting. This kind of experience is great for building your confidence and your job skills.

We accept enrollments year-round, with new sessions starting several times throughout the year. We have a Financial Aid office where our representatives are happy to help, as well as admissions representatives to help you with your decision.

The Harris School of Business invites all residents of South Jersey who are considering a new career field to come and visit one of our locations. We may have the career training you are looking for!