Free Resources and Apps for Dental Assistants

smartphone apps resources dental assistants dental assistant training program4 great tools to help dental assistant students succeed!

Technology has improved the world around us in numerous ways. In the field of dentistry, advances in technology have led to new tools and more productive dental methods over the years. Technology has also led to better resources, including websites and smartphone apps, which provide study tools for dental assistant students and professionals.

Dental assistants need to know dental anatomy and medical terminology so they can properly identify dental instruments and give essential care to patients. This knowledge can help dental assistants communicate with their coworkers so the dental office runs efficiently.

Don’t become discouraged if becoming a dental assistant sounds too technical or advanced. The dental assistant training program at The Harris School of Business is designed to help you learn and develop all the skills you need for a professional career. While enrolled in a training program, your instructors can help guide you towards the tools you need every step of the way!

If you’re already enrolled in dental assistant school, then we’ve got four great resources that can help you learn dental terminology and succeed at your job!

1. The American Dental Association Glossary

One of the most popular resources for dental assistants is the ADA’s dental glossary. This tool offers students and professionals a complete list of dental terms and anatomy references. The dental terms glossary can help you work in a clinical setting so you can clearly communicate with your coworkers. Browse through the glossary for a complete list of administrative terms that can help you with insurance or billing issues. You’ll also find a complete reference guide for dental office procedures. You can alphabetically search through the glossary with the “Find” feature.

WebMD also provides a reliable glossary that could help improve your dental vocabulary. Browse within an alphabetical, 12-page dental term glossary with complete definitions. You can learn a lot about your field with this helpful tool. If you forget a term, pull up the WebMD glossary app on your smartphone to help you!

3. Quizlet.com

This free study website and smartphone app allow students to study for exams using flashcards. As you study, you can review your progress to see if you’ve improved. Plus, it’s free! The resource is helpful for  building mental associations with your study material. Soon memorization may become easier for you.

4. Cram.com

Cramming for an exam can cause you to forget study material quickly. Plan ahead and study with this helpful tool. Cram provides flashcards for dental assistants students who wish to study a week or two before an exam. Quiz yourself on dental procedures or play games that improve your memorization of dental terminology. If you’re already a professional and want to review your dental vocabulary, this resource is a great way to refresh your memory. The app includes a set of flashcards on Dental Chairside Assisting Instruments and another on Dental Assisting Basics.

Don’t make learning dental terminology harder than it needs to be. These tools can help give you the practice and experience you need to improve your memory. Study with friends and ask your teacher how you can integrate these tools with your class material better. Soon, you could become a successful dental assistant. Good luck on your exams!


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