Five Tips for Finding the Best Surgical Tech Schools in Your Region

best surgical tech schoolsDoing your research before enrolling will help you find a program that works for you

If you are trying to find the best surgical tech schools in your area, there are a number of factors you might want to consider in making your choice. How should you go about making this important decision? Becoming a surgical technologist is commitment on your part, and you want to be sure you choose the right school for you.

The first step most people use is an Internet search. This will help you narrow down the choices of schools in your geographical area. Once you have a list of surgical tech schools, here are some of the details you might want to think about:

  1. How far away is the school? Is it easy to get to? If there’s one thing that helps determine your ultimate success in your career preparation program, it’s attendance. You will want to find a school that is easy to get to so that you will not be tempted to skip classes.
  2. Do the class schedules match your schedule?  Some students need nighttime classes because they work during the day. Others need daytime classes due to family commitments in the evening. Whatever your schedule,  you will want to be sure that the school you are choosing has class times that fit in with your life.
  3. Is the school accredited? Are the instructors experienced? When you are looking for the best surgical tech schools, find out if the schools are accredited. Usually their websites will list their accreditation. Being accredited means that the school has passed certain standards set by an outside accrediting board. Also, ask about the instructors. Do they have experience in the operating room? Have they been teaching at the school for a long time?
  4. Does the school offer externships and career services? Getting good career training is the first step, but getting extra support as you begin your job search could give you an added advantage. Many schools offer externships toward the end of their surgical tech programs, where you are placed in a real job setting. During the externship period, you get to practice the skills you have learned. This is great experience to add to a resume. In addition, many schools have career services departments to help you get started in finding that first job as a surgical technician.
  5. Can you take a tour of the school? Most schools will allow you to take a tour and meet with an admissions representative. This is an excellent way to get a feel for the school, tour the surgical tech lab, learn about the coursework requirements, and discuss the financial options. Bring a list of questions with you, and take your time during your tour to see if the school feels right for you.

The best surgical tech schools are the ones that fit your needs

Remember, there are many choices out there, but the best choice for you is the one that fits your needs. We encourage adults who are interested in career-focused education to consider the Harris School of Business. In addition to our surgical technology program, we offer other programs in the field of allied health including:

Dental assistant training
Medical assistant programs
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Multi-skilled health technician
Pharmacy technician

Read our website, look at our locations, and if you like what you see, call us to schedule a tour. Our admissions department will be happy to help you with your questions and concerns. We hope you choose Harris for your surgical technician education.