Five Reasons to Choose Dental Assistant Training in New Jersey

dental assistant training in New JerseyThe Voorhees campus of the Harris School features a modern dental lab and many hands-on experiences

Are you looking for dental assistant training in New Jersey? Do you live near South Jersey? The Harris School of Business provides dental assistant training at its Voorhees campus, located on White Horse Road near its intersection with Echelon Road. If this sounds convenient to you, you might want to learn more about our program.

What makes the dental assistant program at the Harris School of Business stand out? Below are five features that may make the Harris School a good choice for you:

1. Hands-On Training

Are you someone who learns best when you get a chance to do something with your own two hands? The program at Harris has an up-to-date dental lab where students use the same types of dental equipment and tools that are used in most dental offices. The lab is set up just like a dental exam room. In this lab, students can learn and practice proper procedures, such as preparing a room for a patient, how to sterilize tools, how to handle the dental tools during an exam, and other chair-side assisting skills that are necessary to assist a dentist.

In addition to assisting dentists during procedures, dental assistants also may have other responsibilities, depending on their employers’ needs. These tasks might include some of the following:

  • Making dental impressions
  • Taking dental x-rays
  • Teaching patients about good oral hygiene and tooth-brushing habits
  • Handling phone calls and other office responsibilities

At Harris, all of these skills are taught in a hands-on style where students get to experience them and practice them until they feel comfortable.

2. Our Dental Assistant Training Program in NJ Includes Externships

What better way to learn a new job than to learn it “on-the-job”? At Harris, after the classroom training is complete, each student is placed in an externship in a real dental office. Externships are unpaid, but they are treated like real jobs. Students are expected to show up to work on time, dress professionally, and conduct the actual tasks that a dental assistant must do. The externships are supervised, allowing the students to learn tasks on the job in a safe and secure setting where they have guidance. The externship can be a very effective way to prepare students for their first job in their new field. The externships not only provide students with real-world experience that they can include on their resumes, but they also allow students to start making connections with other professionals in the field of dentistry.

3. Convenience

If you decide to enroll in our dental assistant training program, we want your experience to be convenient. The Harris School of Business offers both evening and daytime classes, to meet the needs of students with different schedules. Our Voorhees campus is easily accessible from many of the major roads in South Jersey, including routes 295, 30, and 73. There is plenty of free parking at the campus.

Our classes take place all under one roof, in a small setting that allows you to get to know your instructors as well as the other students in your program. Many people enjoy this small-school feeling. In addition, our admissions process is rolling throughout the year, so you can enroll any time.

4. Student Support

The Harris School is a school where instructors and administrators can get to know the students well. For new students, we have admissions advisors and financial aid advisors who will help you as you choose your new career path and apply for financial aid. Once you begin your classes, you will find we have instructors who will know you by name. Our instructors have experience in the career fields and are dedicated to working with students to help them thoroughly understand the course content. And as you near graduation, we have a career services office that helps students when they begin their job search. Because of this level of student support, some students have even said that Harris feels like a family.

5. Accreditation

When you are looking for dental assistant schools, it is a good idea to be sure the school is accredited. The Voorhees campus of the Harris School is accredited through the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). This means that our programs have passed the accrediting board’s standards. In addition, the Harris School has a long-standing history in South Jersey. Founded in 1965, the Harris School has been helping students to launch new careers for almost 50 years.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the field of dental assisting, take a moment to read more about dental assisting on our programs page. In addition to this career field, the Harris School offers a number of other career-focused programs at its other campuses, including medical billing and coding training, medical assistant training, pharmacy technician training, massage therapy training, and more. With campuses located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Connecticut, the Harris School aims to provide convenient locations and relevant career programs for adults to begin their new career paths.