Finding a Medical Billing and Coding Program in South Jersey

medical billing and coding training, health claims specialistPrograms train students to enter the healthcare industry in the Philadelphia and South Jersey area

The South Jersey/Philadelphia region is home to a large number of healthcare systems. The University of Pennsylvania Health System, Temple University Health System, and Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals are just a few of the large healthcare employers in Philadelphia. And just across the river are more providers, such as Cooper Health System, Virtua Health System, and Kennedy Health.

One of the many career fields that emerges from the vibrant healthcare industry is the field of medical billing and coding. Hospitals, medical offices, surgery centers, and nursing homes all need workers to keep track of services provided to patients, and to submit bills to insurance providers for payment. Medical billers and medical coders fill this role. They are responsible for processing insurance claims, assigning the proper medical codes, and submitting the claims to private insurance companies, as well as to Medicare and Medicaid.

Getting trained at the Harris School

The Harris School of Business provides a medical billing and coding training program called the Health Claims Specialist Plus program. We are located in five convenient locations throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania:

  • Upper Darby PA: Just west of Philadelphia, with access to public transportation
  • Cherry Hill NJ: 15 minutes east of Philadelphia, near the Cherry Hill mall
  • Voorhees NJ: 20 minutes east of Philadelphia
  • Hamilton NJ: Just north of Trenton, convenient to all major highways
  • Linwood NJ: Outside of Atlantic City, serving the Jersey Shore area

What You Will Learn in Our Medical Billing and Coding program

At the Harris School, all of our programs train students with the skills and knowledge they need to enter the workforce. Our medical biller and coder program is called Health Claims Specialist Plus. It trains students in the following areas:

  • Understanding medical terminology
  • Learning how to read patient files
  • Learning the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) and how to assign codes to patient procedures
  • Using the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-9 and ICD-10) and how to assign codes for patient diagnoses
  • How to file insurance claims
  • The nuts and bolts of working with Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance companies
  • Following HIPAA procedures
  • Common medical billing and coding software programs, and how to use Electronic Health Records (EHR) in healthcare settings

Benefits of Our Region’s Resources

At the Harris School, we want to take advantage of our proximity to so many high-profile healthcare providers. The school has partnered with a number of South Jersey and Philadelphia-based healthcare providers to be sure we are providing a curriculum that is up-to-date with today’s needs in this field. Each of our campuses has an Advisory Board made up of practicing professionals in all of the career fields in which we offer training. These professionals help us keep our offerings relevant for today’s and tomorrow’s job market.

We also work with area providers to place our students in unpaid internships. The internships are an opportunity to take on real job responsibilities in a short-term, supervised placement. This real-world experience provides our students with work experience before they enter the job market. Our relationships with area healthcare providers also help us to refer patients to job leads and networking opportunities.

Starting Your New Career

Many people choose a career in the field of health information because they are interested in getting a job in the field of healthcare, but not necessarily comfortable with working with patients. Working as a medical biller or coder typically does not involve any clinical contact with patients. The jobs usually take place in an office setting, and much of your time will be spent on a computer. If you enjoy office work, this career path could be a good fit for you.

Read more about the Health Claims Specialist Plus program on our website. Or fill out our online form, and a representative will be happy to speak with you about this program, as well as our other career-focused programs.