Dover Campus Shows its Spirit

dover campus harris school of businessStudents and staff celebrate Constitution Day and Spirit Week together

The fall is a spirited season at the Dover campus of the Harris School of Business. Starting in September, the student council and the staff worked together to create fun and educational events for all students to enjoy.

The celebrations began with Constitution Day on September 17. All students and staff were encouraged to wear red, white, and blue. The school took a short break from its usual curriculum to discuss the history of the U.S. Constitution, as well as the rights and freedoms that are afforded by the Bill of Rights.

“It’s easy to forget how fortunate we are to be living in a country that grants us so many individual freedoms,” said Nikole Schriefer, associate campus director of the Dover campus. “Constitution Day helped remind us to reflect on our history as a country, and also was a fun way to show our spirit,” Schriefer continued. Students also were treated to popsicles and Italian ices at the end of the day, which gave them a chance to socialize with other students.

In October, another event was on the agenda: Spirit Week! During Spirit Week, each day was a different theme. For example, one day was Jersey Day, where students and staff were encouraged to wear their favorite sports jerseys to school. Another day was 1980’s Day. On 80’s day, one staff member dressed as Cyndi Lauper, while others wore leg warmers and headbands. Spirit Week helped to add a little color to the school week, and students enjoyed the chance to wear something other than scrubs to school!

“We are thankful to the members of our student council for helping to make these special occasions a success,” said Schriefer. “Getting more and more students engaged in our school activities helps to make the Harris experience more meaningful for our students.”

The Dover campus is one of eight campuses that make up the Harris School of Business. At the Dover campus in Delaware, we offer four career-focused training programs: professional medical assistant training, massage therapy training, health claims specialist plus (medical billing and coding training), and surgical technology training.

The Harris School of Business is proud of its students in Dover, as well as students at all campuses who are working hard to begin their new careers.