Do You Have What It Takes to become a Massage Therapist?

massage therapist trainingFind out what qualities are important in this field

If you are considering massage therapist training, you may want to think about your core strengths. Certain personality traits and qualities may help you find success in this field, according to the Occupational Outlook Handbook. How do you find out about these traits? The handbook provides a career profile for hundreds of careers, and looks at the characteristics that work best for each career.

According to the handbook, there are five key qualities that are helpful in the field of massage therapy. Take a moment and see how you measure up. Would you describe yourself as being strong in these areas? If so, this may be a good career choice for you. And if not, don’t worry! Many massage therapy training programs provide career development support to help you develop strengths in all of these areas.

1. Good communicators. The ability to communicate well is important in most job fields, and it is particularly important as a massage therapist. Massage therapists need to communicate with their customers, so that their customers understand what they can expect from the massage. And remember, communication involves both talking and listening. Massage therapists also need to be good listeners, so that they can understand what the client is hoping to achieve by the massage, and provide a massage that meets the client’s expectations.

2. Good decision-makers. Delivering a massage is not a one-size-fits-all service. Massages need to be tailored to each client’s physical needs. Some clients may need a deep tissue massage, while others could have physical issues that make a deep tissue massage unadvisable. Clients may have special medical needs, such as clients who are pregnant or who have arthritis. Other clients may not know exactly what they want. Massage therapists have to understand how to evaluate a client’s needs and expectations, and be able to decide on what kind of massage is best.

3. Compassionate. Being compassionate means that you show genuine concern for others. Compassion is a key trait for massage therapists. Striving to understand how clients are feeling and helping to make them feel comfortable in the massage studio can help to build trust. A trusting relationship can help develop repeat customers, and ultimately result in a better massage experience for both the client and the massage therapist.

4. Endurance. A massage therapist should be ready for long, demanding days. Giving several massages per day and standing on your feet for most of the day can be tiring. You will want to be in good physical shape in order to be a massage therapist.

5. Strength. If you have ever received a massage, you can probably tell that massage therapists need to have strong hands and good upper body strength. Exerting pressure and massaging deep into muscle tissue requires a good deal of strength. If you are considering this field, you will need to develop this kind of strength.

In addition to these five important traits, many massage therapists also have a desire to help others improve their health and wellness. As massage therapy becomes more mainstream, more people are turning to massage as a way to reduce stress, increase mobility, and become more in touch with health and wellness. Many massage therapists find it rewarding to help people enjoy these improvements in their lives.

If you think you have or could develop the traits described above, then massage therapy could be the field for you! Take a moment, and read more about this interesting field in our article 5 Things to Know about Becoming a Massage Therapist. In just a short time, you could be on your way to a new career field!