Dental Assistant Training | Harris School of Business
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Dental Assistant Courses

The Dental Assistant Training Program at Harris School

The dental assistant curriculum at Harris School gives students the foundation needed to excel in their careers.

Sample courses for our dental assistant training program include:

  • Course Title
    What this Course Is About
  • Dental Anatomy
    In this course, the student will learn about prenatal growth and development of teeth, along with the function of tissues, structures in the oral cavity surrounding teeth, and the structure and forms of human teeth and their location in the mouth.
  • Dental Office Procedures
    In this course, the student will learn overall aspects of dental office management including patient reception, marketing, telephone techniques, business office systems, patient scheduling, records management, accounts receivable, management of patients' accounts, and accounts payable.
  • Preventive Dental Care / Health and Nutrition
    This course covers the development of a caries control program, with an emphasis on oral hygiene. Topics include the study of dental plaque, proper brushing methods, the latest methods of preventing decay, and equipment and methods of preventing dental disorders. Students will also learn about the role of nutrition in dental health.
  • Chair-side Dental Assisting I-III
    These courses prepare students for working with doctors and patients, emphasizing procedures, equipment, and hands-on training.
  • Dental Radiology / Radiography
    This course covers dental radiation and safety, proper operation of equipment, and cone placement for parallel and bisection techniques.

This course of study is designed to train students in all duties that may take place in a dental office. With courses in anatomy, procedures, chair side assisting, pharmacology, and a real-world externship experience, students will have a strong foundation to prepare them for a successful career.