Dental Assistant Schools Prepare Students for Many Opportunities

dental assistant schoolsWorking in a dental office is just one of the possibilities

Are you looking at dental assistant schools? Can you picture yourself working in the field of dentistry? At schools like the Harris School of Business, the dental assistant program prepares students with the skills they need to become an important part of a dental team.

When you think about this profession, most of us probably think of the assistant we see when we go for our six-month checkup. Dental assistant schools do prepare students for jobs in dental practices, but in addition, the training can also lead to job opportunities in other settings. These settings might include:

  • Oral surgery practices
  • Maxillofacial surgery practices
  • Orthodontics offices
  • Endodontics offices (root canal treatment)
  • Periodontics offices (treatment of gum disease)
  • Prosthodontics offices (crowns and replacing lost teeth)
  • Health clinics that focus on preventing dental problems

Dentistry is an ever-changing field, and new technologies are being developed rapidly. Dental assistants play a critical role in keeping offices running smoothly, interacting with patients, and assisting dentists and hygienists with serving their clients.

Dental assistant schools provide hands-on experience

Most dental assistant schools, including the program at the Harris School of Business, offer students a chance to get hands-on experience. Often the school has an in-house dental lab that is set up like a dental office, complete with chairs, trays, instruments, and lab equipment. In this setting, students can practice new skills before entering the world of work. In addition, the Harris School arranges externships for its students, so that they have real experience working in a local dentist office before starting their job search.

If you are interested in the program at the Harris School of Business, learn more about it by viewing our video, filmed on-site at one of our New Jersey campuses. New students will find that it is easy to get started on their way to a new career path. The Harris School has a rolling admissions policy where new classes begin approximately every six weeks. Just call 1.800.510.7920, and an admissions representative will answer your questions. Or attend one of our open houses, and see if career-focused education is the right choice for you.