December brings Spirit Week to the Dover Campus

dover campus harris school of business, technical school, career trainingDress-up days and dress-down days liven up each day of the week

Dover, DE: If you happen to notice a bunch of people wearing very ugly sweaters, don’t worry…it’s not the 1980’s again. It’s just the students at the Harris School having a little fun. Normally the students at the Dover campus wear scrubs to school, in preparation for their careers in the field of healthcare. But the week before winter break was a different story.

In the buildup to the holidays, there are always a lot of fun holiday events going on, and this year, the activities culminated with the popular Spirit Week. During the week, students showed their school spirit by dressing for these special days:

  • Monday:  Long Winter’s Nap – Dress in your PJ’s
  • Tuesday: Island of Misfit Toys – Dress Like a Toy Day
  • Wednesday: Ghosts of Christmas Past – Dress Like Your Favorite Decade!
  • Thursday: Ugly Sweater Day

Thanks go out to the staff and the Student Council for coming up with such fun and creative ideas to get the students excited about their school, their studies, and their future careers. We especially love the literary-themed dress up days, from The Night Before Christmas, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and A Christmas Carol. What great ideas!

Joining the Student Council

If you like being a part of the social activities at your school, consider becoming a member of the Student Council. Student Council plans different events throughout the school year, such as potluck lunches, canned food drives, bake sales, and soft pretzel sales. One of the great benefits of being on Student Council is the opportunity to meet and get to know students from other programs.

Being a part of your school in this way can help improve your school experience, and at the same time, it can help develop your communications and leadership skills. We want to thank the students who have volunteered their time to serve on the Student Council and invite others to join.

Our campus in Dover, Delaware is proud to offer four career-focused training programs:

Professional Medical Assistant Plus
Health Claims Specialist Plus
Massage Therapist
Surgical Technology

Most of our programs can be completed in one year or less. We offer programs for both day and evening students, and invite you to come take a tour if you are interested in learning more!