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wilmington delaware harris school of business healthcare training programWhat to See & Do in Wilmington, DE!

Wilmington, Delaware may not get its fair share of attention, being nestled between two Northeast corridor cities like Philadelphia and Baltimore, but don’t be fooled. Wilmington is a melting pot of many different heritages, fun attractions, and a growing healthcare economy.

If you’re looking into a healthcare training program, then consider applying to a training school in Wilmington, DE. As the most populous city in Delaware, Wilmington gives you the opportunity to grow your contacts and build a bright future.

If you want to know more about Wilmington, Delaware, read ahead for our guide to the city’s attractions.

The festivals

Many festivals take place in Wilmington throughout the spring and summer months. You’ll find ethnic celebrations such as the Italian Festival and Hispanic Week.

St. Anthony’s Italian Festival: One of the most popular festivals during the year, the week-long Italian Festival features six blocks of Italian food, music, and more. In 2016, the festival will be inspired by Renaissance art and culture. The festival is $5 for adults.

Hispanic Week: Wilmington celebrates National Hispanic Month in October with a large festival, pageant, and parade. The festival features Latin American music concerts, Latin American cuisine, and a carnival held on the Riverfront.

The riverfront

The revitalized riverfront makes for a scenic stroll on a warm evening. You can enjoy outlet shops, restaurants, and the Riverfront Market. The 1.3-mile stretch is home to the Delaware Theater Company, DuPont Environmental Education Center, and an IMAX movie theater. It’s hard to run out of options, so make the day of it!

The restaurants

In Wilmington, you’ll find a collection of ethnic restaurants that are influenced by the large Latin American immigrant communities. Latin American restaurant Juliana’s Kitchen is a popular eatery while Pochi offers Chilean food and a chic wine bar.

The attractions

You’ll find plenty to see and do in Wilmington. Enjoy the Delaware Art Museum filled with American art and illustrations and its large collection of English pre-Raphaelite paintings. You can also enjoy the Brandywine Zoo, home to an Amur tiger, red panda, and two-toed sloth.

The Wilmington community

The Harris School of Business is a proud part of the Wilmington, DE community. According to the most recent Target Industry Report, the healthcare industry is the third largest employer in Wilmington.  Nearby cities like Philadelphia and Baltimore offer networking opportunities with local Wilmington hospitals.

The Harris School, located in Wilmington, Delaware offers the following healthcare programs:

If a healthcare training program in Wilmington, Delaware sounds like an enticing option, then consider contacting the Harris School today. We’d love you to be a part of the Harris family!


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