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CNA classes: Certified Nurses Aide Courses

The CNA Program at Harris School

Both classroom learning and hands-on learning in a clinical setting are important for the student who wants to become a nurses aide. At the Harris School, the Certified Nurses Aide (CNA) curriculum requires students to complete 60 hours of classroom-based courses and 40 hours of clinical time. By the end of the program, successful students should be prepared to sit for the Connecticut Nurses Aide state exam.

CNA Classes

What do students learn in their CNA classes? During the classroom portion of the program, students will learn concepts and skills such as medical terminology, the basics of long-term care, procedures for emergencies, safety protocols, methods of preventing infection, how to take vital signs, and techniques for transferring patients properly.

Clinical Time

When it comes time to start earning clinical hours, students will gain experience in a nearby long-term healthcare facility. While at the long-term healthcare facility, students will perform some of the duties that will be expected of them once they become certified nurses aides. The facility has 120 beds, and gives the students many opportunities to practice their new skills. While earning clinical hours, students will work under the guidance of Harris staff.

This two-part approach to the curriculum, with both classroom learning and clinical learning, gives students a solid background to prepare for the Connecticut Nurses Aide state exam. Students who do well in their courses and pass the state exam are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to begin a career as a certified nurses aide.