Cherry Hill Campus Holds April Graduation

Graduates are ready to pursue careers as medical assistants, massage therapists, medical billers, and office assistants

Massage therapy school graduatesCongratulations are in order for the graduates of the Cherry Hill campus, who participated in a graduation ceremony on April 8. The Harris School of Business is proud of all of the graduates, and wishes to acknowledge the following students who received awards:

  • Joella DiBenedetto, a Medical Assistant graduate, received an award for academic excellence. She graduated with a 4.0 GPA and 98.8% attendance.
  • Carmen Cordero, a graduate of the Legal Office Technology program, received an award for academic achievement. She graduated with a 3.64 GPA and 94% attendance.

While the graduation ceremony was meant to recognize the hard work and achievements of our graduates, there was also time for some fun. During the graduation ceremony, each graduate was given a New Job Survival Kit. The kit included the following items:

  • Buttons to remind you to button your lips when it is the best strategy
  • Rubber bands to remind you to be flexible
  • Gum: For that “stick to it” attitude
  • Paper Clips to help you hold it all together
  • Snickers to remind you that  laughter is the best medicine
  • Tissues to dry your eyes during emotional times
  • Lifesavers to keep you from drowning in everyday problems.

Armed with this survival kit, and more importantly, with the skills and knowledge gained at Harris, students should be ready to face the next step in their career journeys! Harris wishes the graduates all the best!

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  • Kiara Bowen

    Hi, My Name is Kiara Bowen and i was recommended this school to jump start my medical career. I would love to learn more about the medical assistant program you guys offer. As well as potential start dates, what i need, tuition cost, etc.

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