How to Become a Dental Assistant

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A dental assistant cares for patients during their visits, performs diagnostics such as x-rays, and--as their job title denotes--assists the dentist during procedures and exams. A dental assistant enjoys a career that's generously remunerative, well respected, and personally rewarding. So how do you become a dental assistant? Possess compassion. Dental assistants, like the dentists they help, should enjoy serving people and display a genuine sense of caring, friendliness and positive "chair-side manner." Many patients feel uncomfortable with dental procedures. Some deeply fear visiting the dentist. The dental assistant can help make a potentially frightening experience much easier to tolerate. In this sense, the dental assistant can help a dentist build the practice, since referrals play a vital role in the growth of any dental office. Know the dental assistants career.…
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How to Select a Dental Assistant Training School

Dental Assisting, Health
A dental assistant training school provides graduates with entry into the dynamic world of dental assisting. Attending a dental assistant training school represents the first step in becoming a dental assistant, but how does a student select the right dental assistant training school? Consider the following factors before you choose a dental assistant training school: Reputation - Does the dental school possess a respected reputation in the industry? Dental offices recruiting more dental assistants will certainly look more favorably upon applicants that have graduated from a school they admire than one that's obscure or with questionable practices. It's also important that former graduates relate their experience at their dental assistant training school provided them with the level of academic rigor required by the industry. Has the dental assistant training school…
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