Career Services Department

At Harris School, we don’t just want you to get excellent training; we want you to take that next step in your career. Our Career Services department helps you with your job search in several ways:

Your Resume and Cover Letter

A good resume and cover letter can go a long way to getting you an interview. We’ve got you covered on that front. We’ll work with you on describing your job skills, your experiences, and your education in a resume format that employers can review quickly, learning everything they need to know about you to make that first call. And with our Career Services Specialists on your side, your cover letter will get noticed.

The Job Search

You need to establish a network. We’ll help guide that process with you so you can set up informational interviews and get to know more about your field of choice. And since, today, a lot of job searching happens online, we’ll help guide your job search so that you know where to look for the kind of job you’re best suited for, and how to apply online.

The interview

 You can have a great set of skills, but if you don’t know how to sell yourself in the interview, you may lose out on that perfect opportunity. We’ll set up a mock interview so you can practice and work out the kinks before you’re in front of that potential employer. You’ll have a much better idea of what they might ask you and how you need to prepare.

Other Benefits Associated with Harris Career Services


We assist our graduates in securing that next great job by providing employment referrals.

Our Staff Reaches Out Regularly to Employers

It’s all in whom you know. Our career services staff members are constantly reaching out to regional employers, both active employers of our graduates, and those who might be great potential employers in the making. This helps us match our available graduates with potential openings. By building relationships with the employer community, Harris career advisors have a much better sense of what’s out there for you in terms of career opportunities.

Moral Support

Our Career Services specialists will cheer you on throughout the process. Stop worrying! We’re there for you all the way.

After Graduation

When you’ve graduated from a Harris School program, even if you’ve been out in the world for a while, as long as you left in good standing, we welcome you back for a refresher and additional career advice. Now that’s service!

A Team Effort

Keep in mind that, for your job search to be productive, we need your full participation. You’ll get out of a job search what you put into it. So 100 percent effort is required!  It is only through the combined efforts of the student and the school that job placement for graduates is accomplished.

About Externships¹: On-the-job Training While You’re Still a Student

Some programs of study at Harris School of Business require completion of an externship/internship. During externship/internship, you will apply what you’ve learned in the classroom in an actual work setting while under the supervision of qualified personnel. An added benefit of the externship is that our externship companies frequently hire our students permanently following completion of their program. Please keep in mind that successful completion of the externship/internship is a requirement for graduation.

¹Students at the New Jersey campuses will participate in internships.

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