About Harris

Harris School of Business has a long history of providing career training to adults in the field of allied health. The school’s longevity in the community and excellent reputation with employers are two of the reasons why an education from Harris School of Business opens doors of opportunity for its graduates.

Enroll in one of the comprehensive career training programs offered by the Harris School of Business, and you can start to prepare for a challenging and interesting position in your chosen field of study.

Our graduates have proven the value of a Harris School education through consistent professional achievements. Our students are trained using the real-world technologies that today’s employers use in their practices, hospitals, clinics, and corporations.

Our administration, faculty, and staff look forward to helping you reach your career goals. We are here to help you every step of the way.

Reasons to Choose Career Training at Harris School of Business

If you are looking at business schools, here are some great reasons why you’ll want to attend Harris School. The most obvious? We’re leaders in career-focused education, which means we help you learn what you need to move from the classroom into the working world.

One-on-One Education Support

Once you’re a student at Harris School, we will work individually with you throughout your experience with us. You will never feel like a number. And after you graduate, you will always be welcome back for refreshers or career advice. And Harris School maintains an “open-door” policy with our students, which means that the School Director and Director of Education are available for personal and academic advisement at any time during a student’s course of study.

At Harris, We Major in Careers

Your education is just the start of our work together. Whether it’s about classwork or your next career, we’re part of your team from day one. We’ll work with you to complete your application and provide tutoring if you need it to support your studies. And when it comes time to look for that next job, our Career Services team will help you with your job search, create a resume, and work one-on-one to practice interview techniques.  We also have job postings for part-time positions to help students looking for work while they're completing their program.

Real-World Experience

Our career training programs and the courses you will take are all about getting you a new career. When you learn something in the classroom, be ready to practice what you learn, either with a class team member or in an externship or practicum. That’s where you go out into the workplace as part of your education. You’ll get real-world skills and experience you can add to your resume so that when it’s time to go on an interview, you’ll feel confident that you have the right skills for the job.

Location, Location, Location

As one of the region’s long-standing business schools, we offer career-preparation programs in eight convenient locations in New Jersey, Delaware, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. Find a location near you.

Post-Graduation Support

Once you’ve been a Harris School student, you’re always part of our family. To help our graduates maintain their skills, Harris School of Business makes refresher sessions available in courses you’ve previously taken, at no additional cost. Graduates may audit classes or use the lab facilities and resource center. And once you graduate, you can come back any time for career consultations.

It’s About More Than Just Schoolwork.

At Harris, we believe in the well-rounded educational experience. That means you’ll be invited to special events, such as picnics and holiday parties, or you can take part in local civic events and functions. We also invite outside speakers who speak on personal and professional development. And who doesn’t love a field trip? We have those, too!

Our Mission

Harris School was founded in 1965, and we are proud of the tradition and our mission. Harris School of Business is committed to providing students with the necessary skills and attitudes for securing employment in their fields of training. Through the combination of professional faculty, focused support services, and modern, well-equipped facilities, Harris School strives to foster pride, dignity, and self-respect in its student body. Fundamental to its mission is the emphasis on individual advising and guidance. The faculty and staff seek to empower students with industry-specific knowledge, which will gain them both the respect and means of rewarding self-support. Harris School provides students with a solid educational foundation with which to build their future professional development.