Career Training in Trenton Covers More than Just Academics

career training in trenton, medical assistant programsBreast Cancer Awareness Month shows students the value of community service

If you are looking for career training in Trenton, NJ or the surrounding areas, you will get even more than you bargained for if you choose the Harris School of Business. This October at the Trenton/Hamilton campus of the Harris School, the students and staff have dedicated themselves to an important cause: breast cancer awareness.

“Whether you are studying to be a professional medical assistant, massage therapist, or a legal office assistant, part of the career training at Harris includes the importance of participating in the community at large,” says Deborah Kenney(pictured), director of education at the Trenton/Hamilton campus.

The commitment to breast cancer awareness becomes apparent just by looking at the school’s walls. There are pink ribbons—each purchased for one dollar—lining the walls, stretching around corners, and going down hallways. Students can purchase the ribbons and write on them the name of someone who is affected by the disease. Students are also holding a soft pretzel sale to raise funds for the cause.

Breast cancer education fits into career training in Trenton

In addition to the fundraising activities, the campus is also using this special month as an educational opportunity that fits in well with the curriculum and career training in Trenton. Given that a large number of students are attending Harris School to become professional medical assistants, the tie-in to their curriculum is a perfect fit as they prepare for careers in the healthcare industry.

In addition to the professional medical assistant program, the Trenton/Hamilton campus also offers programs in legal office technology, computerized accounting technology, and medical billing and coding (health claims specialist). Because breast cancer can affect anyone, the campus thought it was important to extend the educational outreach to all students in all programs.

The educational effort will culminate in an assembly where students will learn more about the disease and the importance of regular screenings. Students who come to the assembly can fill out a card for a free mammogram for someone they know. As the month draws to a close, it is clear that all of the students at the Trenton campus have learned a great deal.

Kenney was honored that the students and staff embraced the idea of Breast Cancer Awareness month so enthusiastically. Kenney and both of her daughters are breast cancer survivors, and the school’s efforts have been especially touching for Kenney. “This month, we are having dress-down Thursdays where we are asking students to wear pink to school. Every person I see with pink gives me hope that the message is getting out there,” says Kenney.