Multi-Skill Health Technician Courses

Read about some of our Multi-Skill Health Technician courses so you can discover how our training will get you started on the path to your new career.

Sample Multi-Skill Health Technician Courses

Medical Law/Ethics and Special Procedures

This course acquaints students pursuing the health and legal professions with issues involving medicine, law, and ethics.

Anatomy and Physiology

Students concentrate on identifying the organs of the body to include: body cells, planes, and surfaces, skeletal, urinary, digestive, nervous, reproductive, muscular, endocrine and cardiovascular systems; become familiar with common lab test; and define and understand word structures, roots/prefixes.

Intro to Basic Patient Care Skills

Students concentrate on strategies that define the patient care technician’s role within the community: demonstrate the concepts and principles of medical asepsis, technical skills in isolation techniques, environmental control and safety, long-term patient care and emergencies and their procedures.

 Expanded Functions of Patient Care

Students will concentrate on describing conditions and disorders of the endocrine, nervous, reproductive, gastrointestinal, and circulatory, the role of the patient care technician, and special procedures.

Intro to Phlebotomy

Students will concentrate on laboratory personnel and their duties. Students will learn about the medical lab including the care and use, safety practices and procedures, handling of infectious diseases and their control, various blood tests and slipper preparation; and the various departments for special tests.

Fundamentals of EKG

Students will concentrate on describing the function of the EKG machine; understanding the EKG paper, voltage, time, and all controls; Identify and demonstrate procedures in performing an EKG and the correct placement and mounting of EKG tracers; and identifying all forms of interference, technical errors and machine functions by exhibiting proficiency in problem solving and machine utilization.

Cardiac Rates and Rhythms

Students will concentrate on determining heart rates, normal sinus rhythms, knowledge, location and function of ectopic foci; and recognize the signs of rapid ectopic rates and rhythms, irregular rhythms, escape beats, premature beats, bundle branch blocks, and hemiblocks.

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