Massage Therapy Courses

Read about some of our Massage Therapy courses so you can discover how our training will get you started on the path to your new massage career.

Sample Massage Therapy Courses

The Art of Massage Therapy

This course focuses on appropriate body mechanics for the massage therapist to prevent self-injury, preparation for massage, equipment, supplies, professional environment, positioning, and draping.

Complimentary Bodyworks

This course will offer an advanced review of systems of structured touch including hydrotherapy, lymphatic and blood circulation, reflexology, Asian theory, prenatal, Ayurveda, and polarity.

The Business of Massage Therapy

This course will provide specific information for those wishing to develop a massage business and strategies for successful career planning and development.

Kinesiology & Myology

This course provides an in-depth analysis of the anatomical, physiological and neuromuscular principles of human movement with practical application for massage therapy assessment and clinical practice. This course explores the structures and movements of the shoulder, upper extremities, and the hip. Also covered are the structures and movements of the lower extremities, the spinal column and thorax and the biomechanical theory and practice of linear and rotary motion, the center of gravity and equilibrium.

Assessments & Special Populations

This course examines ways that the massage professional can help clients with special needs. Topics include but not limited to medical massage, massage for the physically and physiologically challenged individuals.

Anatomy and Physiology Fundamentals

This course gives the student an understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the human body. Students will review structural units, the chemistry of living things, cells, tissues and membranes, integumentary system, central nervous system, peripheral and autonomic nervous system, special sensed and musculoskeletal system.

Seated Massage

This course explores the theory, practice, and business of seated massage and sports massage.

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