Health Claims Specialist

Are you interested in an office-based career in the health care industry? Are you detail-oriented and analytical? Have you ever considered health claims school? As a Health Claims Specialist, you are responsible for processing insurance claims for healthcare facilities. Learn more about this program at Harris School of Business.

Health Claims Specialist Program

Health claims is a vital function for any healthcare facility where insurance is accepted. The healthcare industry relies on health claims specialists to keep accurate records, including patient treatment records, insurance information, payment plans, outstanding bills, and payments received.

As a health claims specialist, you will be trained in medical terminology, insurance forms, diagnostic codes, procedural codes, and procedures for processing medical claims. In this profession, you may work for a doctors’ office, hospital, extended care facility, diagnostic center, or insurance company.

A Day in the Life of a Health Claims Specialist

As a health claims specialist, you will handle medical billing and coding responsibilities. In a typical day, you can expect to:

    • Use a computer-based system to assign codes for reimbursement
    • Process insurance claims and submits to insurance companies
    • Check and re-submit any claims that have been rejected
    • Organize health insurance claim forms
    • Input data into patient databases
    • Review patient bills and statements
    • Manage Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Your workplace options are almost as varied as the duties performed. As a Health Claims Specialist, you could find yourself working in a hospital or an insurance company or even working from home. Your workplace can be as varied as the tasks performed.

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