Dental Assistant Courses

Read about some of our Dental Assistant courses so you can discover how our training will get you started on the path to your new career.

Sample Dental Assistant Courses

Dental Office Procedures

In this course, the student will be introduced to the overall aspects of dental office management including patient reception, marketing, telephone techniques, business office systems, patient scheduling, records management, accounts receivable, management of patient’s accounts, and accounts payable. Inventory control and recall systems management are also emphasized.

Dental Anatomy

In this course, the student will be taught about prenatal growth and development, the function of tissues, and structures in the oral cavity surrounding teeth. The study of the structure and forms of human teeth and their location in the mouth are learned. Students explore the eruption schedule and function of each tooth in the primary and permanent dentition and related terminology.

Dental History and Ethics

In this course, the student will be introduced to the concept of identifying how patient care is an integral part of providing quality dental service. Topics of discussion will include effective interpersonal communication skills, professionalism, discrimination and prejudice, sexual harassment and patient education. The student is taught how to aid the dentist in an evaluation of the patient, recognize levels of patient fear and stress.

Chair Side Dental Assisting I

In this course, the students will be introduced to dental office-design and working environments, how to seat and dismiss patients, necessary positioning of the operator (dentist) and assistant for the performance of fourhanded dental procedures. The students will also be taught requirements for special needs patients, instrument grasps and transfer, and methods to maintain a clear working field in the oral cavity, as well as how to use and maintain operatory (treatment room) equipment.

Microbiology, Infection Control, and Hazard Communications

This course prepares students with an understanding of infectious diseases and their relationship to patient education and safety. Students will also learn universal precautions and prevention of disease transmission and the guidelines of occupational safety for dental office personnel.

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