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  • Learn More about the Exciting Career of Surgical Technologists

    Category(ies): Surgical Technology

    It takes more than a surgeon to have a successful operation—surgical technologists perform many jobs to assist

    If you are looking for a career that offers excitement and reward, you may want to take a closer look at becoming a surgical technologist. Surgical technologists, also called operating room technicians and surgical techs, assist in surgical operations and ensure surgeons can focus on operating without any obstacles in a sterile environment.

  • November 16 is the Great American Smokeout

    Category(ies): Health and Wellness

    Now’s the perfect time to toss the tobacco

    If you smoke, or if someone you know smokes, you are probably aware of the health risks associated with smoking. And you probably also know that when it comes to quitting, it’s “easier said than done.” Nicotine is an addictive substance, and once it has a hold on you, it’s very hard to break the habit!

  • Alternatives to Getting a 4-Year College Degree

    Category(ies): Career Advice

    careers that dont require college degrees, alternatives to college

    You don’t have to get a college degree to prepare for a career

    College isn’t for everyone. Some worry about affording a 4-year degree, which can end in years of student loan debt. And others may want to enter the workforce quicker.

  • Healthy Gums = a Healthy Smile

    Category(ies): Dental Assistant

    healthy teeth and gums

    How to keep your gums strong and healthy

    If you want to have a movie-star smile, you want to have not just clean, shiny teeth but also healthy gums. Your gums are the foundation of your smile because they hold your teeth in place. They are essential to protecting your teeth’s roots and the bones beneath the surface. This article looks at ways to take care of your gums and guard against gum disease.

  • Great Ways to Make New Friends in School

    Category(ies): Student Life

    making friends

    Making friends will improve your school experience

    Are you shy? Do you find it hard to talk to someone new? If so, then beginning a new school—whether it is college or vocational school or career school—can be a lonely experience. There are so many faces you don’t recognize, and it can be hard to figure out where you will fit in.

  • Have Fun and Stay Safe This Halloween

    Category(ies): Student Life

    halloween safety tips

    Keep the surprises to a minimum by following these safety tips

    It’s that spooky time of year again when you get to dress in costume and snack on candy corn! But with Halloween parties to go to and children out trick-or-treating, following some simple safety tips can keep your night of fun from turning into a horror.

  • October Is “Protect Your Hearing” Month

    Category(ies): Health and Wellness

    protect your hearing month

    Tips for avoiding hearing loss for all ages

    Hearing loss affects millions of Americans, both young and old. Some forms of hearing loss are out of our control, but there are steps you can take that may stop noise-induced hearing loss in its tracks or before it even begins. October is National Protect Your Hearing Month—a good time to educate yourself about the risks and prevention.

  • It’s Massage Therapy Awareness Week

    Category(ies): Massage Therapy

    massage therapy awareness week

    The Harris School of Business wishes the best to our massage therapy students!

    The week of October 22-28 is Massage Therapy Awareness Week, and the Harris School of Business would like to recognize our massage therapy students for all the hard work they do to prepare for a new career in this field. Our students are busy learning everything from human physiology, to complex massage techniques, to the administrative side of running a massage business.

  • Becoming a Blood Donor Is Easy

    Category(ies): Health and Wellness

    become a blood donor

    Here’s an important way to help others in need

    During the last few months, as the United States has been affected by natural disasters, the need for blood donors is particularly high. Hurricanes that hit Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico, as well as dangerous fires in California, mean that there are more people needing blood, and that those who would usually donate in those areas have less time for giving blood. This is a great opportunity for you to help make a difference. If you haven't given blood before, or it’s been a while, now is a great time to consider doing so.

  • It’s Medical Assistant Awareness Week

    Category(ies): Medical Assistant

    medical assistant awareness

    5 Reasons Why Medical Assistants Deserve Appreciation

    This week is Medical Assistant Awareness week, and the Harris School of Business wants to show our appreciation for our Medical Assistant students. Our students work hard every day of the week to learn the skills and information they will need once they’re in the workforce. Here are some of the reasons we appreciate them:

  • How to Be a Good Patient Care Technician

    Category(ies): Patient Care Technician Level 2, Patient Care Technician

    harris school

    This hands-on role in healthcare can make a huge difference in patients’ lives

    The role of a patient care technician is one that requires regular interactions with patients and other caregivers, as well as skills to perform basic hands-on tasks and deliver care to those who need it. You may find that this would suit you well, given your interests and talents.

  • 5 Job Skills that Employers Want to See

    Category(ies): Job Search Tips

    job skills employers want to see

    These traits are useful in any job field

    Getting ready for a job search? When you are a job seeker, you know that it’s important to have the technical job skills that are required in your specific career field. But did you know there are also “soft skills” that apply to almost every job? These skills are important to hiring managers, and they will be looking for potential employees who have these skills. Here are five of them:

  • A Month Devoted to Breast Cancer Awareness

    Category(ies): Health and Wellness

    breast cancer awareness month

    Become informed and help raise awareness about this prevalent disease

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is the most common cancer in women. Knowing the signs can lead to early detection and a better survival rate. Knowing the facts can help you spread the word on how to fight this disease and the many resources available.

  • Clear Your Mind by Clearing Away the Clutter

    Category(ies): Health and Wellness

    how to declutter

    Decluttering your life can help improve your focus

    Is your living space becoming cluttered? Do you find that it’s hard to keep after all the papers, knickknacks, magazines, electronics, and coffee mugs that are strewn about your home? If you’re not careful, you can fill up your home pretty quickly, and before you know it, you aren’t sure how to claw your way out!

  • Smart Answers to Questions for a Medical Billing and Coding Job Interview

    Category(ies): Health Claims Specialists

    answers for medical billing and coding job interview

    Support your job search by being prepared for some of these common questions

    If you’re training in the field of medical billing and coding, then you might be looking ahead to when it’s time to seek professional opportunities. Once you’ve completed your training, your job search will likely involve a number of interviews. To make the best possible impression on your interviewer, and find out whether the job is a good fit, it’s a good idea to think in advance about what you might be asked.

  • Fun Dental Facts

    Category(ies): Dental Assistant

    dental trivia

    Dental trivia you never would have guessed

    The Harris School of Business is proud of the students in our Dental Assistant program. Through our program, students become versed in dental terminology, office procedures, chairside assisting, and all the skills and knowledge they need to enter the job market with marketable skills.

  • Tips for Lowering Your Cholesterol Naturally

    Category(ies): Health and Wellness

    lower cholesterol naturally

    September is Cholesterol Education Month—the perfect time to do what you can

    When you think of the word “cholesterol,” you might think about all the foods you should avoid eating. But there’s more to it than that, and a little information—especially during Cholesterol Education Month—can support you in making smart choices that can have a positive impact on your health.

  • How to Become a Medical Assistant at Harris School

    Category(ies): Medical Assistant

    become a medical assistant in a year

    Get trained in as little as one year!

    Are you looking for a new career but concerned that you don’t have the right job skills? For residents of the Delaware Valley, you can get career-focused job training at one of several campuses of the Harris School of Business. With locations near Philadelphia, Cherry Hill, Voorhees, Trenton, Wilmington, Dover, and Atlantic City, your career training may be right around the corner!

  • 7 Popular Types of Massages

    Category(ies): Massage Therapy

    popular types of massages

    These techniques are in demand from massage therapists

    Becoming a massage therapist is an interesting and important way to care for people. This profession combines techniques and methodologies that take into account the overall health of the client and also tend to provide an immediate sense of well-being and relaxation. Massage can be a valuable component of anyone’s self-care routine.

  • Dental Assistant Training: Frequently Asked Questions

    Category(ies): Dental Assistant

    harris school dental assistant

    Going to dental assistant school could be the start of something good!

    Are you the type of person who brushes your teeth carefully twice a day? Do you make sure you always have dental floss in your cabinet? Do you get a checkup every six months? If you answer yes to these questions, you could have a future as a dental assistant!

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