Benefits of Enrolling in Medical Assistant Programs in PA

Medical Assistant Programs in PAYou may have already begun your search for medical assistant programs in PA or perhaps you are just beginning the process of considering what type of professional field you may want to enter.

Outside of a traditional 4-year liberal arts degree, there are many great alternative options for pursuing career-based training through programs like the ones offered at Harris School of Business. Harris offers programs including dental assistant, massage therapy, pharmacy technician and more! Harris even offers medical assistant programs!

What Does a Medical Assistant Career Look Like?

Medical assistant programs in Pennsylvania can prepare students to enter this particular field in one of several specializations. First, a career as a medical assistant could be focused on clerical tasks associated with front office management and client relations. On a daily basis, this role may include such tasks as greeting patients, answering telephones, sorting mail and scheduling appointments. However, as a medical assistant, you may also take on more of an administrative role, which may require you to handle some basic bookkeeping, organize patient files, arrange for hospital admissions or submit medical claim forms.

Lastly, there are more clinical – or even specialized – medical assistants. This area of the career field focuses much more on the interaction with patients and the support of doctors. From taking patient medical histories to collecting lab specimens and drawing blood, medical assistants directly address some of the more clinical needs in the office.

What are the Benefits of Enrolling in a Medical Assistant Program in PA?

  • Preparation for a Career in Helping People: If you enjoy helping and caring for others and you think you may experience fulfillment working in the medical field, then a medical assistant program may be a great choice for you.

  • Opportunity to Work in the Medical Field: A medical assistant program in PA can prepare you to enter the medical field as a support person (possibly even working right alongside of a doctor) without having to complete years and years of medical school.
  • Variety in Setting and Tasks: A job as a medical assistant may offer you the opportunity to work in various facilities, such as hospitals, outpatient centers or physicians offices. Within your daily tasks at whatever location you work, you will regularly experience different people and new experiences.

A career as a medical assistant can be very exciting and fulfilling. For more information about opportunities to enroll in a medical assistant program, call Harris today at 1.800.510.7920.