Back to School Season

new school season back to school reorganize lifestyle tips studentsWays to prepare for a new season!

Preparation is key to success. Since back to school season is upon us and fall is just around the corner, perhaps it’s time to reassess your lifestyle and make way for new changes. Each year, it’s beneficial to clean out the old and bring in the new. The Harris School offers you tips for organizing your life better. Plus these tips can help you mentally and physically prepare for a new school year.

Here are several ways you can organize in different areas of your life:

Your home:

  • Clean your house. Get rid of old clothes and donate them to charity. Throw out old food, old kitchenware, and sweep the floors. Fall cleaning can help you usher in the new season!
  • Check your home’s smoke detectors. Make sure the batteries are charged and that they work correctly. Plan out a escape plan in case of any emergencies.
  • Make sure your bills and important documents are organized and kept in a safe area.

Your education:

  • Purchase necessary school items. Make sure you have notebooks, binders or folders, pens and pencils, and a resilient backpack to carry your books. You could find these items at the dollar store or for a low price at a second hand store.
  • Create a study schedule so you can dedicate time to your homework each day.

Your health:

  • Check your eyes! Is it time to get new eye contacts or glasses? Taking care of your eyes is important so that you can see clearly and avoid problems with viewing hte board at school or while driving!
  • Schedule a dental appointment. Generally, you should schedule a dental appointment every six months. Consultations with your dentist can help you avoid plaque and gingivitis and any pain.
  • Go for a physical or check-up. Schedule an appointment with your family doctor. A general checkup can help the doctor or nurse practitioner discover any problems or issues that could turn into long-term health hazards. Take a few minutes out of your day to schedule an appointment.
  • Create an exercise routine. Staying active could help you live longer and help avoid common diseases. You could try new exercise fads like Soul Cycle, Orange Theory, or Bikram yoga.

Your leisure time:

    • Try out new and healthy recipes! After a while, your food could start to taste bland and you’ll get tired of the same old recipes. Browse through different recipes on the internet or take advantage of a cooking show.
    • Spend time and reconnect with loved ones. If there’s someone you haven’t talked to in a while, then why not reach out to them? A text or email asking how they are can brighten their day.
    • Take advantage of your local resources. Visit the free local library and read different books. You have so much information at your fingertips! Libraries are also a nice place to relax away from home. You can also find organizatons and associatoins that offer educational experiences, clubs, and fun activities.
  • Culture yourself! Start reading, listening to podcasts, or watching new films. Try switching up the genres you watch. You might find you enjoy an abstract film if you’re always watching rom-coms!

​Hopefully, these tips can breathe fresh air into your old habits and routines. You can reorganize and feel ready to tackle new classes with everything on your checklist. We wish you good luck with your studies!
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