Avoid these Foods if You Want to Eat Healthier during the Holidays

You can still enjoy holiday treats while avoiding the “worst of the worst”

If you are like many people, you can expect to overeat during the December holidays. Even if you are a healthy eater normally, there are so many temptations that it’s hard to stick to your regular eating patterns. Here are some tips on avoiding the “worst of the worst” holiday foods—and foods to substitute in their place.

  • Instead of chocolate chip cookies, bake your own healthier cookies, like cranberry oatmeal cookies.
  • Instead of a gingerbread latte or peppermint mocha, opt for a skim milk latte with cinnamon on top.
  • Instead of egg nog, opt for warm apple cider.
  • Instead of dark turkey meat, opt for the white meat.
  • Instead of prime rib, opt for turkey. Or if it has to be beef, try for a less fatty cut like flank steak or filet mignon.
  • Instead of making gravy from the meat drippings, buy low-fat gravy. Or skip the gravy altogether.
  • Instead of fried potato latkes, try a recipe where you bake them instead.
  • Instead of the cheese platter, head for the fresh vegetables or low-fat cheeses.
  • Instead of heavy dips and sauces, opt for a lower-fat lighter version. Make dips out of low-fat plain yogurt instead of sour cream.
  • Instead of candied sweet potatoes, make roasted sweet potatoes.
  • Instead of a cheesy vegetable casserole, roast your vegetables.
  • Instead of buttery mashed potatoes, use skim milk and less butter. Or try mashed cauliflower, if you really want to be healthy.
  • Make your own stuffing with chicken broth instead of butter.
  • Instead of the rolls, go for a larger serving of vegetables.
  • Instead of red wine, make a wine spritzer using half the amount of dry white wine and the other half club soda.
  • Instead of pie, make a soufflé, which has no crust. Put out a bowl of fruit salad for dessert too.

We hope these suggestions give you some great-tasting substitutes to help you avoid the holiday tradition of overeating, and instead, start some new healthier traditions. Happy holidays to you and yours!