April is “Team Work” Month at Trenton/Hamilton Campus

medical assistant trainingStudents Enrolled in Health Claims Specialist, Computerized Accounting, and Medical Assistant Training in Trenton learn what teamwork is about

At the Harris School of Business Trenton campus, one thing is for sure. Students will know what teamwork means by the end of the month of April.

This April, a new teamwork initiative was launched at the Trenton/Hamilton campus of the Harris School of Business. The initiative was organized by Debi Kenney, director of education and facilitated by Kisha McKinley, lead medical assistant instructor.

What is the importance of teamwork at Harris? Ms. Kenney explains, “When you are a student, it’s sometime easy to fall into the trap of thinking that your own actions won’t affect others. You might think that if you miss a day, or don’t study for a test, it will only affect you. But in the real world of work, it’s important to remember that you will be part of a team. Not showing up to work, or not performing well on the job can have a huge impact on others who are relying on you.”

Teamwork initiative includes student incentives

When you first sign up for a career-focused program at a Harris campus it doesn’t take long to see that Harris is a school that wants its students to succeed.

At the Trenton campus, the teamwork initiative shows students how teamwork can be an important part of finding success in your education and future career. To help encourage students at Harris to think like a team, Ms. Kenney and Ms. McKinley set up the following incentives:

  • Team Jersey Day—wear your favorite team sports jersey with pride
  • Prizes for best class attendance weekly
  • Prizes for honor roll and perfect attendance
  • Guest speakers Charmaine Worrell, Damion Stevens, Jason Rogers to speak about teamwork, leadership, and responsibility
  • Student appreciation days throughout the month
  • Teacher appreciation day on April 17
  • Pretzel days
  • Random Acts of Kindness day
  • Raffles

In addition to encouraging teamwork, the staff and faculty want to build a sense of team spirit and a feeling of belonging, so that students feel like they are a part of the school. “At Harris, we want students to feel like they are part of a family. We are not a large school where students are treated like just another number. We are a small school, and we want our students to enjoy that advantage,” says Ms. Kenney.

What are students studying at the Trenton/Hamilton campus? There are three career-focused programs that are offered for students who are looking to get started on a new career path. Most students complete their programs in less than one year’s time. Read more if you are interested in finding out about these programs.

Computerized Accounting Technology, Health Claims Specialist, and Medical Assistant Training in Trenton

The Harris School of Business operates eight campuses throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Connecticut. If you are looking for medical assistant training in Central Jersey, or other career training opportunities in Central Jersey, you may want to check out the offerings of our Trenton/Hamilton campus:

Computerized Accounting Technology

If you like to work with computers and you are good with numbers, you may be interested in our computerized accounting technology. This program teaches basic accounting principles, as well as the common software that is used today, such as QuickBooks, Excel, Access, and other accounting applications. This program helps students prepare for jobs such as bookkeeper, accounting clerk, audit clerk, and statement clerk.

Health Claims Specialist/Medical Billing Training

Our Health Claims Specialist program prepares students for careers in medical billing and coding. Medical billers and coders are responsible for preparing, submitting, and processing medical insurance claims. If you are looking for a medical billing and coding school, Harris may be a good choice for you.

Medical Assistant Training

The Harris School offers medical assistant training in Trenton/Hamilton, as well as many of its locations throughout the region. The program covers everything from medical terminology and anatomy & physiology, to the proper clinical procedures that you will be expected to perform on the job.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Harris “team,” contact us today by calling 1.800.510.7920. Or visit our homepage to learn more about the programs and locations offered by Harris. We hope you will decide that Harris is the school for you!