Advantages of Being a Dental Assistant

dental assistant school, dental assistant trainingThere are lots of reasons to train for this important healthcare role

Have you considered pursuing a dental assistant training program? It’s a career with a variety of responsibilities, like putting your patients at ease, teaching them good dental habits and hygiene, and providing high-quality care and customer service.

If you’re thinking about a professional training program—or are already in one—here are some career perks to consider about a career as a dental assistant:

You develop a rapport with your patients
Everyone’s supposed to see a dentist for a checkup once or twice a year, and once most people find the right one, they’ll stay with that same practitioner for many years. That means that, as a dental assitant, you can look forward to developing ongoing connections with the same group of patients, where you get to know each other over time, during the course of several visits.

New experiences every day
If you work in a busy dental practice, there will be new patients coming in every day. So if you’re someone who always enjoys meeting new people, this might be a good fit for you.

Work a regular schedule
Most dental offices are open during business hours to accommodate when patients are out and about. There may be some Saturday morning hours as well, depending on the office where you work. This regular schedule can be great if you have young children or just want to have your weekends and evenings free—or a schedule that is relatively predictable.

Choose from several career paths
When you think of a dentist’s office, you might envision a small practice with one dentist and a few members of support staff. However, there are many ways a dental assistant can contribute to the field of dentistry. You might choose to work in a specialty area such as public health, possibly in a community clinic at a college or university. Health insurance companies can also provide employment possibilities, with customer service and claim processing roles as some potential options. Companies that sell dental products can also offer job opportunities, and your dental knowledge could make you an effective salesperson.

If you’re someone who enjoys balancing the technical skills and interpersonal skills, being a dental assistant might mean a career where you love what you do, and do what you love! Whether you work with pediatric or adult patients, in a large or small office, you’ll be making a difference in the oral health of many and shaping how they think about dental care.

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