5 Traits of a Great Patient Care Technician

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Ever wonder how nursing professionals provide compassionate care for their patients every day? It takes a very specific set of skills to be able to properly care for patients with chronic illnesses, injuries, disabilities, and those who are elderly.

Providing basic and direct care each day takes energy and a lot of dedication. If you choose to go to patient care technician school, you can develop the skills you need to become a successful caregiver. If you’re seriously considering becoming a patient care technician, then we offer a short list of traits that you will need on the job each day.

1. Empathy

One key trait that patient care technicians must have is empathy. Empathy helps PCTs understand and commiserate with the pain their patients are feeling. When you have empathy for someone else, you can easily think from their perspective. Empathy will allow you to become more intuitive to know when a patient needs assistance. Empathy will help build strong bonds and make the work environment more caring.

2. Interpersonal skills

As a patient care technician, you need to communicate with patients, their family members, physicians, nurses, and other coworkers each day. You need to be able to effectively care for patients by addressing patients’ or residents’ concerns. Plus, you will need to relay important information about a patient’s health care plan or status to other healthcare professionals.

3. Strength and physical endurance

Patient care technicians are busy and active caring for patients throughout the day. In this role, you will be on your feet most of the day, so you’ll have to be have endurance. If there are emergencies, you need to be alert and ready to help patients. There will be times when you also need to move, lift, or transport patients who have trouble moving.

4. Patience

As a patient care technician, you need to stay calm when you work with patients. Many of your charges may be elderly, disabled, or have injuries so they may move at a slower pace or have trouble understanding your directions. Part of your job is to help them eat and conduct daily activities. Remain respectful and calm while you help them. They will feel more comfortable around you, and you can ensure you do your job properly while offering the highest quality of care.

5. Technical skills

In a patient care technician program, you can learn how to use the technical skills that you need each day on the job. You can learn how to measure vital signs, handle lab specimens, administer EKGs, and administer First Aid. Most PCT training programs feature resources for you to learn and practice these skills so that when you get out into the workforce, you have all the experience you need to complete these tasks successfully.

Do you have these traits? If you don’t, but wish to develop these characteristics, then apply to the Harris School of Business’ Patient Care Technician training program today. We can help you develop the technical and professional skills you need for a patient care technician role. Contact us to learn more about this program!
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