5 Tips to Get Organized—For Students Only

tips to get organized for studentsUse your time wisely, and you will find you have more of it!

In the life of a student, it can be difficult to get organized. Each teacher for each class gives you different homework assignments, different projects, and different test dates. It can be hard to figure out how to keep it all organized and to complete everything on time. Here are some tips for putting all the puzzle pieces together—and still having time for yourself!

1. Wake up earlier. Get up 30 minutes earlier than usual, and use this extra time to get yourself organized for the day. Plan what you need to do, gather the things you need to bring to school, think about how the day will go, and eat a healthy breakfast.

2. Folder system. Create a folder system that works for you. Many people find that color-coded folders help. Have one folder for each class, and be very strict about keeping everything from that class in the folder. In addition to paper folders, you may also need email folders for each class and a folder structure on your computer for each class too. By storing classwork in the right folders, you can easily find what you need when it comes time to write a paper, study for a test, or complete your homework.

3. To-Do lists. Each evening or each morning, create a to-do list for the day. If you like the paper-and-pencil method, it may be best to devote a planner or special notebook to your to-do list. That way you always know where you wrote it. Be sure to keep the planner with you at all times. If you are the type of person who likes to use apps, there are many useful apps for creating to-do lists. You might try Evernote, Any.do, Wunderlist, or Todoist. To-Do lists help you to focus on the most important priorities of the day.

4. Keep a calendar. To-do lists are great for daily reminders, but you also need to think about longer-range planning, and that’s where a calendar comes in handy. As soon as you find out the date for a project, quiz, or exam, you should enter it into your calendar. If you are using a paper calendar or planner, make sure you have it with you at all times. If you like technology, there are plenty of calendar options. Many people use Google Calendar, and there are also some to-do apps (e.g., Any.do and Sunrise) that will sync with Google Calendar, and offer additional capabilities.

5. Limit distractions. From smart phones to tablets to televisions, there are so many distractions that make our study time inefficient. Set aside time to study each day in a place with no screens. You will be amazed how much more productive you are if you put away your distractions.

Bonus tip: Work first, play later. As students, procrastination can be our worst enemy. To make the most out of your day, try to get your work done first before you move on to any kind of leisure or social activity. If you have your work done, you’ll be able to enjoy your “you” time without the worry of school work hanging over your head.

We hope these tips help you get organized and stay on track with your educational goals. Good luck, and keep on studying!


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