5 Smartphone Apps for Massage Therapy School Students

Massage therapy apps to help students study!

Massage therapy is an active career that provides direct, hands-on relief to patients with muscle aches and pains. It’s the opposite of “high tech.” However, technology can play an important role in helping you pursue a successful massage therapy career.

If you’re in a massage therapy training program, you may be looking for alternative study tools that can help you integrate your knowledge.

The Harris School of Business offers massage therapy students a list of free or inexpensive apps that can help them develop and stay dedicated to the massage therapy career path! Although, this list is not an endorsement, this guide acts as a starting point for you to try out and search for massage therapy apps on your own.

Muscle Trigger Points

The Muscle Trigger Points app allows students to identify and test their knowledge of over 100 trigger points that can cause pain in key muscle groups of the body. The app allows users to search by muscle group or “body zone.” This can be a useful reference tool for both students and professional massage therapists.

Visual Anatomy

Being a massage therapist requires you to relieve patients’ aches and pains. Pre-massage consultations help massage therapists identify where and how to target specific areas of the body during the massage. This free app allows students to view various body systems like the musculature and skeletal systems. A 3D and zoom function helps users view several different areas of the body in-depth. This app is an excellent study tool for students who want to test their knowledge of anatomy. It can also be a good reference point for already practicing massage therapists.

Massage Therapy Exam Prep

If you’re preparing for a massage therapy exam, try out the Massage Therapy Exam Prep app. This app lets students create custom practice tests so they can quiz themselves or take curated tests to help you and your study mates practice. Students can also set study reminders and exam countdowns.

Massage Therapy Terminology Apps

Massage therapy training requires students to memorize numerous terms. Practice your knowledge of anatomy and massage vocabulary with the Massage Therapy Terminology app. This tool features 700 multiple choice questions, flash cards, and a glossary of terms to help you study. You can also view expert video lessons that allow students to visually learn massage terms and phrases for a deeper understanding of the material.

If you’re looking for a similar app for your Android, check out the Massage Glossary app. This app also allows students to learn massage therapy terminology. You can scroll through the list of 380 terms alphabetically or search using keywords. The app also features an adding and editing text and audio tool for notetaking.

Relaxing Sounds of Nature Apps

The Relaxing Sounds of Nature app can be an effective tool to help massage therapy clients relax. The app features 25 different nature sounds which can be combined with custom audio to create a unique and relaxing experience. You could combine the symphony of chirping crickets with drops of water.

Combine your patients’ favorite sounds so they can enjoy their massage session. You can also store and save the custom sounds for future use. You could build a strong rapport with patients when they know you’re considerate of their preferences. iPhones only.

For a similar experience on your Android phone, try the Lusity app.

We hope these apps offer assistance when studying for your upcoming exams or can be put in practice during your externship. These apps can even help you study when you’re on-the-go. When you take advantage of outside resources and put effort into learning, you can become a more successful student and professional! We wish you good luck in your massage therapy training program!


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