5 Reasons to Choose Career Training Schools

career focused trainingConsider whether career-focused training is the right path for you

Whether you are a recent high school graduate or someone who has been working for many years, you may be interested in career-focused training. Career-focused training provides accelerated training in specific career fields, enabling many students to complete their programs and get started in the workforce in less than one year’s time. Consider some of the reasons people choose to get career training:

1. Career-focused training can fit your budget

Depending on the school you choose and whether you are eligible for financial aid, you could spend less money on a career training program than you would on a 2-year or 4-year college. Many programs are eligible for financial aid, and since they last just about a year, the amount you pay in tuition is usually less than that of a longer college program. For people who aren’t sure they want a four-year financial commitment to a college, a career training school can be a good alternative.

2. You can be trained in less than one year

Most career training programs are designed to be completed in less than one year’s time. This assumes that you remain in good standing, attend your classes, and pass all of your courses. If you work hard and follow through on your commitments, you should be able to stay within this timeline. For people who feel they don’t have time to spend four years in college, choosing this path could be a good option.

3. Career training is focused on the career field

If you don’t like the idea of taking an English 101 class or other academic prerequisites, you might want to consider career training. Unlike four-year colleges that require prerequisites and other academic coursework that may be unrelated to your career field, career training focuses only on the skills and knowledge you will need in the career field of your choosing.

4. You can learn practical, marketable skills in a new career field

If you are currently unemployed or underemployed and don’t have a true career field where you have marketable skills, it might make sense for you to get career training. Career-focused training courses are designed to prepare students with the skills and knowledge they need for today’s workforce. Making the transition from unskilled work to skilled work can give you a sense of accomplishment and pride, and may even inspire you to continue onto additional education.

5. You will get hands-on experience

One of the important features of most career training schools are their hands-on learning opportunities. While books and classroom lectures are important, there is also a lot of focus on learning new career skills and practicing them in real-world settings in order to help you feel comfortable when you enter the workforce. For example, most schools have laboratory or clinical settings for medical-related career fields, kitchens for culinary-related programs, computer labs for tech career training, and automotive garages for mechanic programs. Many schools also help you arrange internships before graduation, in which you work in a supervised job setting in order to practice your new skills in a real-world location.

If these considerations make sense to you, you might want to think about career-focused education. Career training programs are offered in a number of career fields such as:

Take some time and consider what you are looking for in a career. If career-focused training sounds like a good fit, you may want to research the options near you.


This article was provided by the Harris School of Business, offering career focused training in 8 locations throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, and Connecticut. The Harris School is dedicated to providing our students with the marketable skills and knowledge necessary to enter a new career field.