5 Great Stress Busters for Students

student stress, tips for reducing stressDon’t let yourself become a pressure cooker!

As you take on new responsibilities in your life—such as becoming a student, taking a new job, or starting a family—stress can start to build up. Learning how to manage stress can be a skill that you can use for your entire lifetime. Here are some stress relief tips for busy students—or anyone who finds themselves feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

Tip 1: Re-prioritize
When life gets hectic and you feel like something is going to give, it may be time to re-set your priorities. Look at what absolutely needs to be done, and focus on that. Allow less important items to wait for another day. Or see what responsibilities can be given to someone else. Remember that you are not a superhero. You do not have to do everything!

Tip 2: Organize
Is your desk cluttered? Is your home cluttered? Are your class notes scattered in too many different places? Taking the time to get your life organized can make a big difference in your stress level. To get organized, you might want to purchase binders for your school notes. Establish certain drawers or boxes where you keep your papers. Keep a calendar with important homework dates and test dates. All of this can help you feel more in control and less stressed.

Tip 3: Talk it out
Sometimes when you are under stress, it helps to have someone to vent to. Call a friend or meet for a brief walk. If you air out your stresses, sometimes they don’t seem so large. Make sure you leave time to listen too. Odds are your friend will have some things to talk about too! After you are finished airing out your stresses, be sure to talk about fun things too. A good laugh can really clear your head!

Tip 4: Exercise your troubles away
Stress can take over your thoughts. You might feel so consumed with your worries that you can’t think of anything else. One key for taking your mind away from your worries is to exercise. Good hard exercise forces you to focus on your physical activity rather than your worries. It also can cause endorphins to be released in your body—a chemical that causes a feeling of well-being.

Tip 5: Sleep and eat well
Staying up too late to finish your school work is a temporary fix. It may help you get a few extra things done, but the lack of sleep will catch up to you and make you feel grouchy and unproductive. The same goes for poor eating habits. Be sure to making sleeping and healthy eating a priority in your life, and you will feel much better!

We hope these 5 stress busters help you get your life back! It may take a little time to put these hints into practice, but once you do, you will see the difference.

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