5 Great Qualities of Dental Assistants

dental assistant training program five great qualities Skills to help make you a valuable Dental Assistant!

Do you want to study an exciting career path where you help others? Becoming a dental assistant can help give you the skills you need to assist the oral health of patients and give you the opportunities to work in an exciting and active healthcare environment.

If you’d like to become a dental assistant, your first step is to learn more about dental assistant schools and what skills you can gain in their training programs. But you should also consider what skill sets you’d like to develop. What skill sets entail a successful dental assistant?

The Harris School of Business is here to help you choose the right career path. We offer you five great qualities that help make dental assistants successful. If you don’t have these skill sets yet, don’t worry! Our dental assistant training program can help you develop these skills so you are prepared to enter the professional dentistry world!

Here are five qualities will help you become a great dental assistant:

1. Well-organized

Organization is key to becoming a successful dental assistant. This skill can be relatively easy to learn. As a student and professional, you will see how much organization is needed to be a professional dental assistant. Organization helps dental assistants keep track of maintaining accurate patient information. In some offices, they may need to send out billing and insurance information, so they need to make sure all patient records and statuses are in the proper location. They also help doctors and dental hygenists in the dental exam room. Therefore, they need to make sure that all dental instruments and materials are organized and set in the right place. If dental assistants need to retrieve it during a dental appointment or surgery, they can respond in a timely manner.

2. Social skills

Dental assistants need to greet and speak face-to-face with every patient throughout the day. They must communicate with patients about billing, insurance, and scheduling information. You’ll also be required to educate your patients about basic oral care and answer any questions. Dental assistants need to make sure they are personable and kind to their patients. Make your patients feel comfortable and welcome, especially if patients are anxious for their check-ups and surgeries. You can break the ice by asking them a little bit about themselves. You could even distract your patients with a joke. Positive words and actions help your visitors relax. Reassure patients that they are in good hands.

3. Attention to detail

Attention to detail is important when you’re focusing on maintaining the cleanliness of an office. However, it’s also important to secure the health and safety of patients. You will need to make sure all tasks are completed and assigned to someone on the dental staff. You must also be thorough when sterilizing instruments and you must maintain accurate patient records. Dental assistants need to help patients with any problems or concerns during exams. If you notice your patients are nervous or in pain, you need to be alert and help them correctly. A great dental assistant listens carefully to details (also part or your social skills) so you can provide the best care to your patients. Dental assistants also need to be competent and concentrate on patient details so they can update records for dental hygenists and dentists to assess and review appropriately.

4. Professional approach

Sometimes dental assistants are required to put dental instruments like suction hoses in their patients’ mouths. You have to be gentle with patients to ensure their relaxation and safety. Professional dental assistants you will need to follow rules to maintain patient happiness and safety. Being professional also means being on time, being kind and respectful to your coworkers and patients, and responsibly updating patient records and schedules. You may also want to keep up with the latest dental technology and developments in your field. Since you represent your dental office, it’s important that you act professional by being responsible and respectful.

5. Team effort

A crucial part of being a great dental assistant is your team effort. Working as a dental assistant means you’ll be assisting a team of dental hygenists and doctors in a dental office. It’s necessary to be a team player because you will need to communicate with your co-workers and dentsits throughout the day. You can put in great team work by communicating accurate updates and information about a patient record to your coworkers when needed. When you have free time, make sure to provide help if your coworkers need assistance. Cooperation, respect, and maintain a clean environment helps your dental office run smoothly and will help your professional relationships as well!

If you’re interested in this career path, then consider applying to dental assistant school today. These skills can help make you a valuable asset to any dental office, but they’ll also give you great skills for the rest of your life!


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