5 Fun Things about Being a Dental Assistant

While the work can be challenging, there are many fun parts to enjoy

Are you looking for a career that combines challenging, interesting work with a lot of fun too? Working as a dental assistant can fit this bill, if you have the right attitude about getting the most out of your work.
Most dental assistants work in dental offices, children’s dental offices, periodontist offices, or endodontist offices. It is true that the work can be challenging. You will be expected to assist with office procedures, prepare the exam room for the next appointment, assist in the dental lab, help to make appointments, and keep patient records. The days can be very busy!
However, this job can have its fun moments. Consider these benefits of becoming a dental assistant:
1. You get to know your patients
Unlike doctors’ offices, where patients usually come only when they are sick, most dental patients visit every 6 months. Dental assistants are often the ones who greet the patients first, and usually there is a little time to talk with the patients about their lives and share a little of your own personality with them.
2. You get to show patients how to improve their own dental habits
Patient education can be a fun part of your job. Showing a patient how to brush and floss properly, discussing good nutrition, and reminding the patients about regular dental visits can be a relaxing and fun discussion. While some parts of a dental appointment can be painful or uncomfortable for a patient, the patient education portion is usually relaxed and casual.
3. You get to give patients their “goody” bags
Most dentist offices give out free samples of small toothpaste tubes, dental floss, toothbrushes, and other dental hygiene products. Nearly everyone loves to get freebies, so this is a fun part of every day!
4. You get to know your co-workers
Many dental offices are small offices where you can truly get to know your co-workers. Other allied health roles, such as jobs that take place in large hospital systems or large medical practices, may not allow you to meet your colleagues. But dental offices tend to be friendly practices where everyone knows one another.
5. You tend to work regular hours
Most dental offices are open weekday business hours, although some have evening and weekend hours as well. In general, dental assistant hours are not as demanding as the long shifts that many other allied health professionals must do in hospitals.
While all jobs require a serious dedication to the work at hand, the job of a dental assistant also has many up sides. We hope this article has sparked your interest in this enjoyable career!
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