5 Benefits of Working in a Nursing Home or Long-Term Care Facility

certified nurses assistantMany CNA’s and Patient Care Technicians find working in long-term care has its advantages

If you are studying to be a Certified Nurse’s Aide, nursing assistant, or patient care technician, you may find that many of the job opportunities take place in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. Many people who work in long-term care facilities find that there are some advantages over typical hospital work. Here are some of the benefits you might find:

Benefit #1. You have the chance to develop a lasting relationship with your patients

Unlike hospitals, where a patient’s stay is typically short, long-term care facilities provide patients with care for many months and even many years. This gives you the chance to develop deeper relationships with your patients. Many caregivers find that they have special bonds with the patients they have served for many years. You may even have the chance to meet your patients’ family members. Losing a patient is always very sad, but being there for them during their aging process can be very meaningful.

Benefit #2. You can learn a lot from an older generation

People who have lived full lives have a lot to share. They may have made decisions that led to happiness. They may have had interesting careers. They may have learned a thing or two about what’s important in life. Or they might just have a lot of good stories to tell. Listening to your patients can teach you a lot!

Benefit #3. Small favors can be greatly appreciated

When you are working with patients who need help with basic care, they often appreciate the small things that a CNA or patient care technician can provide. Moving a tray closer to their bed, grabbing a magazine for them to read, or helping them brush their hair can be small favors that are truly appreciated.

Benefit #4. You gain a new perspective on aging

Aging and dying are difficult concepts for most of us. You may have aging parents to care for now or in the future, and someday you will need to come to grips with your own aging as well. Working with elderly patients gives you practical life experience with aging and helps to make it less frightening. Through working in an LTC facility, you will gain a better understanding of what people are going through as they age.

Benefit #5. Your co-workers tend to be caring people

People who chose to go into geriatric care are often caring, patient people. They like to help others, and really enjoy getting to know their patients. Take some time to get to know your co-workers, and you may find it’s like an extended family!

We hope you find this article to be useful as you decide exactly what career path you will pursue. Certified nurses aides, nursing assistants, and patient care technicians play an important role in the day-to-day lives of long-term care patients, and are an essential part of the healthcare system. As more and more of our population is aging, the skills and compassion of these professional caregivers will be much appreciated!


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