4 Surefire Ways to Impress your Boss

4 tips improve work performance impress bossStay on top of the game with these four tips

Whether you are new to your job or you have been in the same job for 30 years, it never hurts to brush on tips for impressing your boss. Being a valuable employee not only contributes to the overall success of your employer, but it also helps you to feel good about your own career. Try these tips and see if you get noticed!

1. Get to work early…Prepare for the day

When everyone arrives to work exactly when their job starts, the work day can start out a little hectic. Everyone seems to need something right away, and it’s hard to keep your head on straight. You can feel like you are behind schedule for the entire day. A good way to combat this issue is to arrive to work about 15 minutes early. Use this time to put away your personal items and to look at the tasks that are lined up for the day. Plan out what materials you will need to get through the day. Then, when everyone else arrives, you will be ready to go. This allows you to start out ahead and feel more in control of your day. You will able to be more responsive to your supervisor and handle things in a calmer and more professional manner.

2. Don’t just bring problems to your boss—bring possible solutions too

Problems arise in jobs every day. There may be some problems that you are authorized to handle on your own, and other problems that you must bring to your boss for guidance. But remember, your boss is a busy person. Think twice before dropping every little problem on your boss. Before bringing a problem to your boss, try these two steps:

  • Can you solve this problem on your own, within the boundaries of what your job allows you to do? If so, solve it.
  • If you need to bring it to your boss, think of some suggestions to solve the problem. Then, when you present it to your boss, he or she will know that you have already thought it through, and will be happy to hear what you have to say. You can save your boss some of the problem-solving by thinking up solutions on your own. Your boss might or might not take your suggestions, but at least it shows you were invested in the outcome.

3. Don’t complain…Suggest improvements instead

There is no perfect job. In nearly every job, there will be systems that are frustrating, processes that seem to waste your time, and rules that don’t make any sense. Rather than complaining about these problems, see if you can be part of the solution. See if you can suggest improvements that can help make your job more efficient. For example:

  • Is there a new technology that would make your work more efficient?
  • Is there something your department should be doing to improve customer service?
  • Is there a way that your co-workers could be sharing more information to make your work more consistent?

Talk with your supervisor about ideas that you may have that can help the entire department. If you are seen as a problem solver rather than a complainer, this will make you more valuable as an employee.

4. Anticipate needs…be proactive

Being proactive is a great tip for any employee. Being proactive means anticipating needs before they actually arrive. Once you are familiar with your job, you should be able to find ways to be proactive. For instance,

  • If you have a deadline coming up or an important series of tasks that you must complete by the end of the day, don’t let yourself be surprised by it. Plan ahead, and get all the steps in place ahead of time so that you meet your deadline.
  • If your supervisor is busy working on an emergency, and you see that the everyday tasks are falling behind, offer to fill in and help out with those tasks. Looking ahead and anticipating what might become a problem is a great way to help avoid the problem in the first place.
  • Think about what your clients or customers may ask for, and have it ready ahead of time.
  • Periodically check to see if supplies are running low, and make sure they are ordered before they run out.

With these four tips, a positive attitude, and a strong work ethic, your supervisor is sure to appreciate your work. Being a valued employee will not only feel rewarding to you, but it will also put you in a position of trust and confidence, which can lead to more opportunities in the workplace. So keep up the great work!

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