4 Rewards of a Massage Therapy Career

massage therapy training program benefits Reasons why Massage Therapists like their jobs!

Massage therapy can be a desirable career path for those who like working hands-on with clients in settings that are relaxing and therapeutic. Many massage professionals like their careers because of the variety and flexibility that comes with this profession.

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, massage therapy jobs are expected to grow by 22% from 2014-2024. It could be an exciting time for you to start a massage therapy career and develop the skills to help others!

If you’re still wondering if massage therapy could be the right career path for you, then consider four rewards of the profession:

1. Relaxing environments

Massage therapists frequently get to work in calm and tranquil settings. As a professional masseuse, you get to enjoy the benefits of clean, calm environments that are accompanied by relaxing music for your clients. Massage studios are usually cozy settings with simple wall hanging and modern furniture. A relaxing environment for your clients means you can stay better focused on their ailments.

2. Directly help patients & clients

In a massage therapy career, you get to help your client or patient one-on-one. Knowing that your own massage techniques are directly benefiting others can be meaningful, and it can give you a greater sense of self-worth. Another benefit of this profession is the instant results. In other health and wellness professions, you may need to wait longer to see patients improve. As a massage therapist, it’s fulfilling to see patients feel more relaxed and limber immediately after a session.

3. Working in a variety of locales

With an education in massage therapy, you can pick the best work locale for you. Many massage therapists decide to work in the spa industry but you can also choose to work in hotels, hospitals, outpatient clinics, a massage clinic, or your own private practice. When you run your own practice, you can set your own hours, decide what to charge clients, travel to meet your your clients, or set up a spa in your own home. There are various work locations to choose from! If you decide one locale isn’t working out for you, your massage therapy training could give you the ability to switch settings more easily than other professions.

4. Staying active

Massage therapy is a career path that conveniently blends relaxing settings with active responsibilities. In your role, you will be busy attending to patients’ pains, comforts, and requests throughout the day. Staying active is a great way to help concentrate on your patients’ well-being. With each new patient, you’ll find out how different people react to each massage technique. You’ll also begin to find what modalities work best for them. Staying active helps assure that you won’t get bored.

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