3 Rewards of a Surgical Technologist Career

surgical technologists career surgical technology training program rewardsSurgical technologists, aka “scrubs” or operating room technicians, are crucial members of surgical teams  

Surgical Technologists, also known as operating room technicians, are the professionals who assist patients and physicians during surgical procedures. They help prepare operating rooms, ready patients for surgery, and sterilize equipment. They are there to provide clean instruments to hand to doctors while they conduct life-saving surgeries. They are responsible for “scrubbing in” the surgical team and maintaining a sterile field throughout the operation.

If you’re considering going to school for a healthcare career training program, you may wonder what the benefits are of each career path. Surgical technology is a field that has a promising job outlook for the future. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, surgical technologist positions are expected to increase by 15% from 2014-2024.

But there are also other benefits to this fast-paced profession. Here are 3 rewards of a surgical technologist career path:

1. Every day is different

Every day is different as a surgical technologist so you won’t get bored. Although you’ll be performing the same tasks daily, each situation will be different. You’ll meet and prepare new patients for surgeries. Because each person and surgery is different, you have to prepare yourself for different outcomes. It can be an exciting career because you have to be ready in case the surgeon needs an instrument or if there’s an emergency. You’ll also get to work with a surgery team of different doctors and nurses. This job has the opportunity for a lot of variety!

2. Hands-on environments

If you’re interested in the world of surgery, then a hands-on job in an operating room may give you the excitement you crave. Since this profession requires you to sanitize and hand instruments to the surgeons, you get to observe what happens during surgical procedures. You will also have to prepare patients for surgery and help explain procedures to patients. This hands-on career will keep you active, alert, and engaged throughout the day. Although surgeries can sometimes be long, you will experience how being part of a team can bring happiness and health to others.

3. Opportunities for advancement

This career may give you the opportunity for advancement throughout your career. There may be options for continued training or you can focus on a specialization. You could choose a specialized career path like cranial or cardiac surgical technician. Your training also gives you the opportunity to apply to jobs all over the country.

If you’re interested in helping others in a fast-paced environment then a surgical technologist career could be the right career option for you. You could enjoy an exciting environment where you’re a part of team who help to assist the lives of your patients.


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