3 Reasons to Keep Up Your Job Search during the Holiday Season

3 reasons to look for a job during the holdaysIt’s the holidays, but that doesn’t mean you should take a break from your job search

Many people think that it’s difficult to find a job during the holiday season. They believe that employers aren’t hiring, because there are so many interruptions, vacations, and distractions during this season. This may have some truth to it, but there are also many good reasons to redouble your job-search efforts during this season.

1. Less competition

Because of the notion that no one is hiring, it’s possible that other job seekers have stopped looking. This means less competition for you. Scour the job ads, and apply now. In fact, depending on your career field, you may find more job ads posted, for example, for employers who need seasonal help, or in the healthcare field where medical practices and hospitals need to provide their same level of service year-round, regardless of holidays.

2. Budgets for new positions

For some organizations, depending on their fiscal year cycle, there is pressure to complete new hiring by the final quarter of the calendar year. Companies may have a new budget for the following year that includes new positions. And in order to start the year off at full speed, the companies may feel it is best to fill these positions before the new year begins. If you put off your job search until later in January, you may miss these opportunities.

3. More opportunities for networking

The holidays are a great opportunity for socializing and networking, because it tends to be the time of year when people hold parties or go out to dinner. Use these events to discuss your job search and your goals for the new year. There may be someone who can help get you connected with a potential employer. Sending holiday cards is also a good way to re-connect with people and re-establish your network. You might want to send a card, or reach out by phone or email to a former boss, previous co-workers, or others with whom you’ve lost touch.

For these reasons, remember, don’t give up on your job search for the holidays! The holiday season could bring opportunities that can help advance your job search.

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