3 Great Resources for Testing your Medical Assistant Knowledge

medical assistant resourcesA self-assessment can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses

If you are studying to become a medical assistant, you probably agree that there is a lot to learn! From learning medical terms and common medications to understanding human anatomy and physiology, the coursework can be very challenging.

As you take more and more courses, you might have trouble remembering the material you learned earlier in your program. One way to test how well you are retaining your new knowledge to is take self-assessments periodically. There are several resources that help you study for exams, test your knowledge, and brush up on the important topics. Take a look at some of these resources, and see if they work for you:

1. American Association of Medical Assistants: Free Resources

The American Association of Medical Assistants provides resources to help you succeed in your new career field. Two of the free resources on the website are the  Medical Terminology Questions and the Anatomy and Physiology Questions. These webpages contain 50 sample multiple choice test questions on medical terminology, anatomy, and physiology. The answer key allows you to check your answers.

2. Flash Cards

Several companies offer flash cards to help students prepare for exams, such as Quizlet, Study Stack, ProProfs, and others. Most of these websites offer more than one set of flashcards. Be sure to search the different options so that you find as many flashcards as you need. Some of these websites also have practice tests that you can complete. These are all useful resources for self-study and self-evaluation for people who are enrolled in medical assistant training.

3. Medical Assistant Apps

Several companies publish apps that are handy for medical assisting students. These apps are even used by professional medical assistants who are already in the workforce. McGraw Hill provides a Medical Assisting Pocket Guide app that is helpful for any medical assistant, as well as a Review App which helps you prepare for exams. Ion Citadel is another company that features a Medical Assistant app that is geared toward test preparation. Cengage Learning’s Med Term Mastery app provides flash cards and other self-study tools for learning medical terminology.

With all of these tools at your disposal, becoming a medical assistant is made a little bit easier. We wish everyone the best of luck as they study for their programs, and hope that you enjoy your new career field.


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